“Continually Productive”

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”              ~Paul J. Meyer~

Okay I haven’t been as active at blog writing as I had hoped to be but I have new goals, or should I say I have a new angle at achieving my goals, and I am determined to be consistently productive.  I have been bogged down with school (just received my AA degree for Communications) because I am going for my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications now with the end goal of getting my Master’s in Psychology.  So trying to maintain my focus on school and of course being a full time mom, and trying to work on my outline for my third novel, has been harder than I thought it would be.  I keep saying that I am going to find a way to be more productive and then it just didn’t happen.  So now I am going to stop trying to figure out why I haven’t been as productive as I would like to be and just do it.  So yesterday I decided that a step that I am going to take toward that goal is to make task lists each day for what I want to get accomplished the next day. Also along with this I figured out that I had to make the goals something that was attainable.  I would sometimes put on a list to finish my business plan, knowing that I could not finish a whole business plan in one day or even in just one week.  So I think that I am going to make small goals each day as steps toward the larger goal and this would make for a better attainable to-do list.  I was proud of myself that yesterday I completed everything on my task list.  However, today I am behind on getting started so I am striving but I do realize that there are some days that I may not be able to get everything done everyday.  Being consistently productive is difficult but in this stage in my life (at almost 30 years old), where I have so many big dreams and goals, and am just now starting to see the results I want, I have to keep going and I have to not allow myself to get stagnant and stuck. 

How many times in life do we get stuck, and then we get so stuck on the fact that we are stuck that it just begins as a downward spiral deterring away from our goals and dreams.  Life gets up caught up and sometimes life just simply gets us down.  The question is, how long are we going to allow ourselves to stay down?  I hear people complain sometimes about the fact that there are so many things that they want to do and they just don’t know how they are going to manage to get it done because they are just occupied with so many other things.  Yet I see them sitting around doing a lot of nothing, or worse I see them doing a lot of them trying their best to look busy but yet they haven’t got anything done.  I do not consider myself to be one of those people and I refuse to let myself become one of those people.  We only get one shot at life, and we have to do it right.  I don’t want to go another twenty or so years and look back and regret what I did or did not get done.  I don’t want to have to say that I wish I had given that a shot or I wish that I had just made more time to do this or that.  I want every single second in my life to count for something and I have realized that in order to do that I have to stay continually productive.  I urge anyone who reads this to stay productive and don’t let yourself get to the point where you are stuck.  I urge you to make every single second count because tomorrow is never promised to us, we only have what’s left of today.  Make it count.  Until next time…Be Blessed !!!

Jimmetta Carpenter

“The Diary: Succession of Lies” (Release Date To Be Announced)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”





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