About Write 2 Be Media co.

Write 2 Be Media co. will inspire and empower artists’ of all areas of creativity to be true to who they are as an artist and to motivate the artists’ that come after them by sharing their experiences with the rest of the world.  It is the desire of Write 2 Be Media co. to ignite those creative passions in which the world might wish to quiet.

Write 2 Be Media co. will be a parent company to Write 2 Be publishing company, the Write 2 Be online writing magazine, the Write 2 Be*Kids magazine, LadyLove Productions, Write 2 Be Freelance Services, and the Write 2 Be Creativity Camp for kids.

Write 2 Be is about not fitting into the mold other people want you to fit in.  It’s about not letting other people’s thoughts and opinions of you define who it is that you are.  It’s about making the unexpected and sometimes unpopular choices in order to stay true to yourself.  Write 2 Be is about defining yourself as whatever you feel you have the Write 2 Be…

I Have the Write 2 Be Authentic… What’s Your Write 2 Be?

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