Do I Really Need to Say Yes More?

I read Shonda Rhimes book, Year of Yes, a couple of years ago and I vowed after reading it to start saying yes to things more often. Essentially I promised myself that I would be more open to change. After all, isn’t saying yes more geared towards the things that are out of your comfort zone and that you normally wouldn’t do? I will admit that there are some things that I have done since reading that books that I ordinarily wouldn’t have done, one of them being starting my YouTube channel. There’s a few more things that I have done that required me to step out of my bubble of comfort but I would assess that there have been far more times that saying no was the better move for me.

I have struggled in the past to find that balance between throwing caution to the wind and saying yes to things and knowing when to draw the line and just say no for myself. It would seem that at the moment when I finally learned how to say no to the things that I don’t want to do for my own sanity and self-care, that I lost some of that ability to say yes. I do believe that the Pandemic of the last year and a half also gave me further permission to be more of a no person than that yes person that I was working on becoming.

Honestly, I’m not sure that I want to be that ‘say yes to everything’ person because I don’t know that I would be a very happy person if I did that. I spent most of my childhood, my twenties, and a sizable chunk of my thirties saying yes to things that I just didn’t want to do at all, but not for the aspect of change, rather to please other people. I don’t know if it’s different when you’re saying yes for change and saying yes to people please but either way I don’t know that I can be that person. Sometimes no really is the right answer.  

Now this is not anything against the people who say yes to every single thing and who love doing so. I think that it’s great to discover what works for you and if you are someone who says no to EVERYTHING then you should definitely read Shonda Rhimes book and incorporate yes more into your vocabulary.  It’s good to explore and step out of the bubble of comfort sometimes. For me, I just cannot say yes to everything because then I get in this place where I start feeling like I’m doing things more for someone else and not for myself. I don’t want to go back to that place where I’m pleasing everyone else by saying yes to what they think I should do to the detriment of my own mental health and my own joy. I will not give up this peace that I have found and if that means I say no more than yes, so be it.

Until next time… #BeTruetoYourself #BeStrong #BeAuthentic

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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What You Tell Yourself You Will Believe

It sounds so cliché to tell people to look on the bright side of things when things aren’t going the way that they expected them to go. I used to be one of those people who, a long time ago, would grimace at someone telling me to think of all of the good things I have to look forward to. I would look at them with the thought in my mind of ‘do you not see my world crumbling around me right now’ and just wave off their words, completely dismissing the positive vibes they were trying to send my way. I didn’t want positive vibes I wanted an answer as to why everything was crap. This was around the time when I was almost homeless, my best friend and I had had a falling out and I felt like I had no one who understood my pain.

But then I started working on some inner healing that was so long overdo. I started working on my spiritual journey and got back into going to church. I got back into not just saying that I believe God would never give me more than I can handle, but actually knowing down in my soul that those words were true. I started really listening to the things that God was telling me, the direction he wants me to go in, and I started really trusting that regardless of whatever happens, good or bad, God has got me and He will never leave me. I started learning how to love and trust myself and my own instincts (which were really whispers from God of what I already knew I should be doing and just didn’t trust it enough) again.

Then I became one of those people that I once used to grimace at. I started being able to find the positive aspects of everything. Even the most horrible things that happened I would strive to find the one positive aspect in it. There really is power in positive thinking. What’s even more amazing is that there is peace in thinking positive as well. Now I just feel so much peace inside and it doesn’t mean that everything is going well, it just means that I trust that it will all work out somehow in the way that it’s supposed to. I’m not saying I don’t still have some days where that depression starts to try and sneak in and rest within my spirit but I think I do a far better job now of keeping it at bay.  

I saw a woman on the news this morning that was talking about the aftermath of Hurricane Ida and talking about how she has pretty much lost everything. The roof in her family’s home had holes in three places, there was mold now in her home so she had no choice but to throw everything that had been soaked through out, and they still have no power so no AC in a hundred plus degree heat. And she was smiling. She said that what she was concerned about now was feeding the neighbors around her. She said she may not be able to provide anyone with heat but she can make sure that they are fed. What a remarkable outlook on such a tragic situation. Her thing was, at least she was still here and she had to look at the positive things because what other choice was there.

Could we dwell on everything that goes wrong and focus on all of the bad crap that happens to us or others around us? Sure we could. But does that actually help change any of those things? Does it make you feel any better? So why not choose the positive things that are still present around you to focus on? Even if you can only find one positive thing in that crappy moment that you are in, rather than zero in on what is wrong, chose that one good thing instead.  I promise you that you will feel better if you just keep your mind leaning towards the positive. As long as you are still here, things can always turn around.

Until next time… #BePositive #BeMindful #BeBlessed

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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You Are Important Just As You Are

Every now and then I start to think about what I need to change in order to get things to move in the right direction. I see someone else doing things in an extraordinary way and it seems to work so well for them and I wonder should I be doing what they’re doing and would it work for me. But doing something that isn’t me and that doesn’t even fit my brand or who I am as a person is not really the message I want to put out there.

I have gotten to a place in my life where I have finally become okay with not fitting into someone else’s mold of who they think I should be or what they think I should do. When I assess whether I should try something that someone else is doing, I try to think is it authentic to who I am. Obviously there are lessons in the actions of others who have already gotten to where you are trying to go. I think sometimes it is okay to emulate the methods of successful people because clearly we learn by watching others as they go through their trial and error. However, you have to know when you are just trying to gain knowledge and when you are trying to be someone other than yourself.

I spent my twenties (mostly anyway) trying to fit everyone else’s idea of me and what they thought I should do and in my thirties I finally got it. It took me so long to understand and stop trying to fit in where I don’t think I ever belonged, and trying to be anyone other than who I really was, because I didn’t get that I was important just as I am.

There’s a quote by Michelle Obama that I want to leave you with that reads “You don’t have to be somebody different to be important. You’re important in your own right.” Know that whatever you do on your journey in life it’s okay to soak up the information and put others methods into practice that will help improve you and your life. Don’t try to fit into someone else’s mold, and remember that you are enough all on your own.

Until next time… #BeAuthentic #BeMindful #BeBold

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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It’s Just a Bend in the Road

Being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs and in the beginning it tends to come with a lot more downs than ups. Unless you are extremely lucky or just know all of the right people, you will more than likely be working at trying to get your name out there and get to that place of true financial comfort in your entrepreneurial status for quite some time. 

I think when I decided that I wanted to own my own business and pursue creative entrepreneurship I was naïve in thinking that just a year or two would be the magic number. The truth is, there is no magic number. I mean I’ve been at this for more years than I care to admit and honestly I’m still not there yet. I will say that I’ve come a very long way and in the past year and a half I’ve come even further than I imagined and that was because I did something that wasn’t comfortable for me.

I started a YouTube channel (link is below) and when I did I had no idea just how much it would change things, and I don’t really mean in terms of money (because I’m not yet making anything with that channel- yet), but in terms of pushing me past my comfort zone. It’s enabling me to reach people I might not ordinarily be able to reach, gaining a writing support system that I didn’t realize I needed, and making me more comfortable speaking on camera which will go far for certain future endeavors I have planned down the road. The lessons I have learned and the community that I have gained in having this channel is priceless.

Striking out on your own is hard. It’s oftentimes a thankless effort to have a creative business because quite frankly, a lot of people don’t treat creative businesses the same as they do other non creative businesses. You will have days where your hope starts to fade and your resolve to hang in there weakens. You’re wondering what it’s all for if it hasn’t happened yet. Don’t give up.

Your journey will not be obstacle free and this is definitely not for the faint of heart. Keep in mind that the road to your destination is full of curves and if you’re feeling stuck right now it’s not because it’s over, but rather you’ve hit a bend in the road. You can’t see to the other side right now but I promise you, if you keep going beautiful things are coming just around the bend.

Until next time… #BePatient #BeHopeful #BePersistent 

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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The Numbers Don’t Always Tell the Full Story

They say that numbers don’t lie and I think to a degree that is certainly true but I don’t believe you get the full picture of anything when you are solely looking at the numbers. I released my novel out into the world last Friday ( (yes on the 13th, I know) and I was asked by a couple of different people if I had checked out the numbers yet to see how many people purchased my book on the first weekend of its release. I simply said ‘no, it’s not the most important thing so I’ll look at it later.’

Now I don’t mean that to suggest that I don’t care whether or not people buy my book because I absolutely want people to not only buy the book, but to like or even love the book. When I say that it’s not important I mostly meant that I had to manage my expectations and to do so I had to see the bigger picture of what mattered.  What mattered the most to me was getting it out there, for starting to ball rolling on what I intend to be a very lengthy publishing career where I roll out at least two books a year if not more.

What matters is that I can say that I am a published author and people can go and look at what I produced and what I am very proud of. What matters, maybe more than even those things, is the people who may have been afraid to put their work out there, who actually read my blogs or watch my YouTube channel and see that I’ve done it and feel motivated and inspired to do the same. If I can be a light on someone else’ dark journey, that to me matters more than just about anything. There is so much that I want to do with my writing career but above anything else is to be an inspiration to others.

I am not going to lie and say that I don’t want to sell a ton of books and have people love them as much as or even more than I do but my purpose is always to affect someone else’ life in some way, even if it’s just in a tiny, miniscule way. Don’t we all just want to make a difference? Isn’t that what we are all walking this earth for, to make an impact on other people’s lives?  Just in releasing my book I have been sent messages on Twitter, through email, and Facebook about how inspired people were that I just didn’t give up, or how proud they were of me. That means more than any analytics report.

In this life we can’t always rely on the numbers to convey the impact we have on one another. The numbers don’t calculate the fire you may light under someone else simply because you didn’t give up on your dreams. The numbers don’t take into consideration that person who reads something you wrote and came acroos just the right words that they needed to get the help they’ve been too proud to ask for. The numbers are just that, numbers. They don’t determine the heart of a person or the impact one leaves behind on another.  So don’t focus so much on the numbers that you forget about the purpose of why you’re doing everything that you’re doing in the first place.

Until next time… #BeBold #BeMindful #BeMotivated

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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Be Proud Of You Even If No One Else Is

It’s always both nerve wracking and exciting when you do something big or just something that you’ve been waiting for. I felt that way when I launched my online store ( because I had been working on that idea, which started out just being in my brain formulating, for nearly two years and I was nervous about whether anyone would even like it.  This week, however, I am re-releasing my novel, The Diary: Succession of Lies, and I’m extremely anxious because while I wear many hats and have many creative endeavors that I want to explore, writing has been my number one passion since I was six years old.

It was already not done right the first time it was published because frankly the small publisher didn’t do nearly all of what I thought they would do and I knew next to nothing about marketing or publicity and at the time social media was still new and I didn’t really want any parts of it. Needless to say it wasn’t shopped well and I didn’t know how to shop it to the point that it needed to be. Honestly I had no business signing that contract and I wasn’t strong enough then to even feel comfortable enough to voice what I expected and what I wanted and felt I wasn’t getting.

I’ve come a long way since then and because it was a well received novel to those that it did reach, and because I have learned a lot (not as much as I could but way more than I knew before) about putting myself out there and navigating some manner of marketing I decided that it deserved a real shot. I wanted this book to be a part of my catalog of work to come and I wanted it to be my first novel for a lot of reasons that I won’t get into at the moment. 

I am praying this book does everything I want it to do but even if it doesn’t I believe I’m more proud of this round of publishing it because I feel so sure and confident about my readiness to do it. It doesn’t make me any less anxious though lol. So Friday my book baby will be out in the world, and I hope that people love it and that they will support me but even if they don’t, I’m proud of myself. As creative individuals remember that you always have to make sure that you are proud of what you do, even if no one else is.

Until next time… #BeConfident #BeEmpowered #BeProud

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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I’ll Clap For You While I’m Waiting

I saw a post by one of my friends on Facebook the other day and it just had such a great message and in that message there’s a bit of a lesson. It read “Until it is my turn I will keep clapping for others.” It goes in line with the theory that we should be lifting people up and not waiting for them to fall.  I truly believe that if you can’t learn to celebrate the wins of others than you will never truly win when it comes to your endeavors.

I don’t mean that you will never get a victory of some sort in your life but just question to yourself, how can we expect good to come to us in our lives if we are secretly hoping and wishing that other people fail so that we can take their place. And whether you know it or not, there are people sitting in the corner just waiting for you to fail. Those would also be the same people, at least I have found, that are also constantly wondering why nothing good ever happens to them.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that when I was younger, in my late teens, maybe early twenties, that I didn’t get slightly jealous of other writers who I may have thought were not quite as talented as me who were getting major book deals and opportunities that I thought I would have been getting at that age. However, looking back now, those same people who got those early wins are also people who I have never seen a second book from and who are now trying to ‘find themselves’ because they didn’t know what to do with the success they had that early on. I think I would’ve been one of those people. I think that I would have not known what to do with success at that point in my life and that it was in my best interest that I had to work a little (okay a lot) harder to get any kind of acknowledgement. 

I stopped being jealous of other people’s wins somewhere in my mid to late twenties because I realize that there is enough room for all of us to win. There doesn’t have to be just one winner or one successful person. I don’t have to be jealous because someone is getting a win at the right time for them because I know that my turn will eventually come, when it’s time for it to come. I celebrate the wins of everyone because whether they know it or not they are lighting the path for me to come behind them and when it is my turn I hope I light the way for someone else. 

I really think that we have to learn to cheer on those on the journey alongside us because in a sense when they win so do you. You learn something from their win, you gain wisdom from their win, and you are motivated to push harder by their win and that in itself is the prize.  Clap for your brothers and sisters racing this race called life beside you because there is room for us all to cross that finish line.

Until next time… #BePositive #BePersistent #BeMotivated 

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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Everyone Is Not Going To Support You and That’s Okay

It is easy to get your feelings hurt and to feel a sense of betrayal when you are striving to do things that will propel your career and your life to the next level and the people closest to you don’t show any support. It stings even more so when the unsupportive one’s are family because family are the one’s that you would expect to always be in your corner. But the reality is that there’s no family and friends handbooks that says that you absolutely have to support your friends creative and business endeavors. It would be nice but it’s not something they are obligated to do.

It’s interesting how many people I hear say that they get more support for the things they do in their career from strangers or even from associates who are not quite your friends. Why is that? How is it that we can support total strangers but then turn to family and other loved ones and throw our hands up and just do nothing but wish them well.

I get more support from you guys here and from the people in the AuthorTube Community over on YouTube where I have a channel than I do from my own mother, my sister, or anyone else in my family. I’m not saying that I don’t have some close friends that are also in the creative field so they get it and they are extremely supportive but most friends don’t get it. I’m not going to lie and say that it’s not hurtful to know that I don’t even have the support of my mother and my sister and I suppose I should be used to it by now but I am human.

Having said all of that, and having acknowledged the hurts of a creative entrepreneur, I don’t have time to live in that hurt for too long.  Regardless of whether my own family supports me or not I have too many things I’m trying to do and too many people that I hope to inspire to worry about that for too long.

I guess I’m just writing this post for those of you out there who may not be creative or pursuing careers in the creative industry but have family members or friends who are. Check to make sure that you support them. Make sure that you genuinely cheer them on and let them know that you believe in them. It goes a long way to hear words of encouragement and support form people who are actually supposed to be in your corner and have your back.  Don’t discount their work and their passions by not acknowledging them. Their career matters every bit as much as yours.

Until next time… #BeMindful #BeGrateful #BeEncouraged

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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Make the Choice to Invest in Your Own Dreams

I was having a conversation with someone last week about purchasing a graphic design program for my creative endeavors after the free trial that I am currently using runs out. Their response was to ask me why would I do that, it’s too much money to spend monthly and why wouldn’t I just find another program that has a free trial run? I thought about what they said for just one second and then my response to them was “it’s an investment in myself and if I’m not going to make the investment in me than how can I expect anyone else to” 

Now I assure you that this has not always been my way of thinking. I am cheap and when it comes to whether I can get something free verses having to pay for it, I used to be the person that would take the sub par free item over just paying for the product that I really wanted, in which case I usually regretted later.  Now I still like to get things on a budget but with age comes wisdom and thus the understanding that when creating products for people to consume or putting books out that I have to be willing to put my money where my belief is.

If I believe in myself (and I absolutely do) then I have to be the first one to show that I believe in me. Otherwise how can I really expect anyone else to put their belief in me?  The saying you get what you pay for comes to mind because things that are of good quality aren’t free or they surely won’t stay free for long and sometimes going with something that seems practical is not necessarily the better choice. 

I am re-releasing my first novel, under my company (finally) in August and I have two poetry books that will be coming out soon after that as well and there are things that need to be done concerning these releases that will require me to further be willing to invest in myself. I also have products that I’ve created for writers (and bookish people in general) that I have to invest in as well because I want people to like the products that I put out there.

It’s hard, when you’re not overwhelmingly rich, to be able to invest in everything that is needed, at least all at once. I believe in my dreams and I believe in the message that I put out there to the world so it’s not a choice in my eyes. To those that would argue that I’m investing in something that I don’t even know people will want to buy but my counter to that is well if I don’t put the best possible product out there, if I don’t invest what needs to be invested, then it won’t be out there for people to even consider. No one can buy what hasn’t been put out yet. When you are passionate about something and when it’s your dream and you’ve been working towards it for a really long time then isn’t the investment worth it? Take the time to invest in yourself and in the things that you are passionate about. I promise you that it will all be worth it in the end.

Until next time… #BeGrateful #BeMindful #BePersistent 


Jimmetta Carpenter 


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When the Journey to the Dream Gets Frustrating Just Keep Praying for Strength

The way my determination is set up, I can’t quit! That sounds like such an obvious statement right?  I know you’re probably saying of course you’re not going to quit! People don’t just quit on their dreams! Oh but you would be surprised how many people I see give up right before they get everything they wanted. Being an entrepreneur or a self-employed creative individual is extremely hard work and it is not for the faint of heart and there are so many, many days where you are going to want to quit, you just can’t.

I had one of those days last week where I really was just like “I put a lot of work into all of this and I have not begun to see the results I need to see by now and maybe it’s just all for nothing” and that thought process can really alter your level of effort sometimes if you let it. By the end of that day of feeling like that I ultimately decided that I was not going to be the real life version of that cartoon character drawing where you see the little man picking his way underground and he gives up just before breaking through the wall to the other side. Also in the same cartoon drawing there’s a mirror image of the man picking his way and that little man actually makes it through to the other side of the wall. And why is that? That would be because he didn’t give up. I was not going to be the one who got so close and gave up right before the moment I achieved what I wanted. 

As all of you here know I have been at this for a long time and the scope of what I want to do overall with my writing and my brand is vast and I get frustrated sometimes when I see people doing something similar to what I’m trying to do and they make a huge mark for themselves in such a quick time but then I also know that I will look for some of those same names a few years later and nothing and what I’m going for is longevity and longevity takes time. 

I have created products that I’ve been working on creating for the last couple of years now and finally they are out there in the world and I’m not seeing what I want to see yet but I know that it is going to take time. The only question is am I willing to wait and of course the answer to that is yes.

I have a book coming out in August (well it’s actually the re-release of my first novel) and I want it to do well but am I going to get the support I am hoping to get? I don’t know the answer to that. I do know that I have several more books to put out after that and that if I quit on the first one, the others will be most likely doomed before they even get out there. 

I suppose the point of this post is to remind those of you out there with your big dreams and your ambitious drive to be your own boss and to make doing what you love your source of income and your job that it’s going to take time. Time in which you are you going to have to put an extreme amount of effort for what is going to feel like not nearly enough support for what it is you do and what you bring to the table. 

Time in which you are going to be the only one who sees the bigger picture of what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Time in which the dream is not going to make sense to anyone else and you will have the people who say they love and support you telling you to give up, that it’s not worth it in the end. Don’t listen to them! Those are the people without dreams at all or the one’s who stopped short of breaking through and just gave up. I know you are going to get tired and frustrated and even angry, but just don’t quit! You’ll never get there if you do!  You just have to keep praying for strength when the journey to the dream starts to get frustrating.

Until next time… #BeFearless #BePersistent #BeInFaith

Jimmetta Carpenter 



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We Learn From the Mistakes We Own Up To

There have been quite a few stories in the news over the past week regarding the issue of accountability. Some people who no longer have to be held accountable for their actions, and some who are being held accountable but the overwhelming public thinks they should not have to face any accountability at all.

Now I am someone who tries to the best of their ability to follow the rules and I’m not perfect so I’m not going to sit here and say that I’ve never broken any rules. However, those times that I have broken the rules I had to deal with the consequences of my actions. It is because of those times, and those consequences that I have become stricter about trying to hold myself to following the rules for any given situation, because I understand that there are consequences that will follow if I don’t.

I think that if we let people off the hook for breaking the rules we only send them the signal that it’s okay to continue breaking any rules they want and then they never learn anything from the experience. We don’t always like the rules set by other people and their organizations but just because we may not like them or agree with them doesn’t make any one person more special than the next who has to follow them.

People make mistakes because they are human and obviously we’re never going to get everything right. The thing about making mistakes is that if we don’t face them, own up to them, and be forced to deal with the consequences from making those mistakes then we don’t learn from them and we don’t grow. Life is about a series of experiences and choices and about learning that our actions, whatever they may be, good or bad, have consequences.

Until next time… #BeAccountable #BePersistent #BeBrave

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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Be Grateful Standing In Your Present

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“You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.”


The news has been really heavy lately and it feels like if there isn’t one thing then it’s another and you might think that it would make me less optimistic and less hopeful. You would be wrong. I used to think that it was a load of crap when people said that if you get your spiritual walk in life on track then everything else will fall into place. I just didn’t think that it could be as simple as being consistent with my daily devotionals and daily spiritual motivation along with my long and extended daily talks with God plus a healthy dose of manifesting the life I want. I, as usual, found that I was wrong.

In a time where things are definitely not certain and the world is at its highest level of chaos that I’ve seen since probably 9-11, I have to say that I have never felt more at peace in my life. And it’s not that I have anything figured out (because I assure you that I do not) and it’s not that I have become suddenly successful and have stepped into complete financial security either (because that definitely has not happened yet). I can only say that my peace comes from knowing that God already has everything worked out for me in whatever way he needs for it to happen in order for me to fulfill the purpose I am here to fulfill. 

I heard the above quote from a young lady who auditioned for America’s Got Talent and who is currently suffering with a terminal cancer in which she was told that she only has a 2% chance of survival and her attitude about it was that “hey it’s not 0% and I’m going to live while I can” and I loved her outlook.  She basically pointed out that you can’t just keep waiting for the day things get better because they might not and then what.

It’s the same when you are working towards accomplishing your dreams the way I have been aggressively doing so (and sometimes not as aggressive as necessary) for what feels like forever now. There are good days when I seem right on the cusp of something big about to happen and then other days where I am acutely aware of how far away my goals truly are. It doesn’t matter how many bad days I have, I can’t just give up and stop now. I can’t just throw in the towel on my dreams because of the hard days that I have along the journey.

The way I see it (or at least how I see it now that I have grown and matured lol) is that the hard days are going to be so worth it when I reach the actual goal. And even then, I’m just going to create another goal and extend the journey. As long as you are given another day to breathe on this earth you have to be grateful for each day that you get and be happy no matter how hard the day was because you are here, and you are present, and God is giving you another chance each day he wakes you up. Don’t squander the time you have here by dwelling on how hard the day may be. Be thankful that you are alive to get through the tough days so that you can better enjoy the good ones that are surely to come.

Until next time…#BeBold #BePresent #BeGrateful

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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Trust In His Plans and His Timing

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11

This may shock you but I am not an optimistic person by nature.  It is my natural inclination to always be waiting for the other shoe to drop, for bad luck to strike, just for something to go wrong on a grand scale.  I had a traumatic childhood with virtually no one who was supportive of anything I wanted to do except for the few friends that I had, the few people that didn’t bully me and make my life miserable at school too. So when I say I have come a long way in how I see things, on my shift in perspectives, I am not being melodramatic or overstating things. For a long time I had no reason to see anything good about my life, accept for my writing.

Writing saved me in so many ways. When I was six I knew that writing was what I wanted to do but I didn’t actually start writing (aside from the very short picture book that I wrote after my revelation that I was going to become a writer in which I gifted to my then best friend lol) until I was ten years old. I started writing poetry to cope with the abuse I suffered at home and all of the feelings of hopelessness that I felt but couldn’t tell anyone about. I wrote to escape and enter into a world that I wanted to be in and more often than not a world I wanted to stay in. I don’t see things as bleak as I once did and I have to say it is much better to see the brighter side of things than having that dreaded feeling that nothing will ever get better.

I’ve only recently, well within the last five years anyway, been able to shift my perspective and see that sometimes it’s not about my plans for my career and what I want my writing to do for others, but rather God’s plan.  I like to keep the phrase in mind that when we plan, God laughs because it’s as if He’s up there saying “oh you think that’s how things are going to go but you don’t know what I’ve got planned for you.” This is why we have to trust the plan, and not our plans mind you, but His plans.

I just don’t know if, back when I was in a depression so deep that most days I didn’t know how I would climb out of it, or when I knew I had this dream and this passion for writing but I wasn’t really sure how to use it to help people, I don’t know that if God had given me the clear vision I have now, that I would’ve been able to do what He wanted me to do with it. Back then I didn’t see a brighter side to anything so I wouldn’t have known what to do with the purpose God was sowing into me.

God’s timing truly is perfect because I think without all of the abuse I experienced (physical, emotional, mental, and psychological) and all of the other experiences I had that went along with all of that, I wouldn’t be who I am, I wouldn’t have built up what was needed inside for me to go to the next levels that He is preparing for me ahead of time.

If we don’t show Him that we trust His vision for our lives and that we know that His plans are to better us and further enrich us, why would He then trust us with the ability to see His vision through?  If you are in a phase of doubt when it comes to your dreams or whatever is going on in your life, sometimes you have to just let things be whatever they are going to be. Sometimes you just have to throw your hands up and literally let go and let God. 

Until next time… #BeEncouraged #BeEmpowered #BeinFaith

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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Don’t Let Someone Else’s Disbelief In You Become Your Reality

There are so many people who have big dreams and visions for their lives and they never even try to accomplish them. They essentially give up before they even begin. What’s more surprising about that is that the reason they don’t try is not because they don’t have the passion to do so, but rather because someone else told them that they wouldn’t achieve it. I don’t have to imagine how someone can let someone else’s predictions for their lives become their reality because I was almost that person.

I had a mother who constantly told me that I would never accomplish anything that I dreamed of doing and who did her best to keep me down in terms of my goals and my vision and for a really long time I allowed her to keep me from trying at my full potential. Mind you, there was never a time that I wasn’t trying (because the calling to write was just too strong) but I know that I held back on the level of try that I had because I believed what she said about me.

There was a lot of things I had to go through and realizations that I had which made me come to terms with the toxic person that my mother is and made me understand that I just would never really have her support and that was okay because I knew what I was meant to do and what my dreams and goals are and only I am responsible for the level of tenacity I have. 

Now what I really want others to realize and see for themselves is that they can’t let other people’s ideas of what your life is supposed to look like affect what you want your life to look like. Their perception of your aspirations is not your problem nor should it ever become your reality. If you are still struggling to figure out what your purpose and vision is for your life I encourage you to sit down with yourself and God, with some paper and pen and really think about what it is you want and then put a plan of action into place to go after it.

If you already know what you want but you are grappling with others opinions, stop! Their opinions don’t matter. God and you are the only two opinions that matter and in all honesty, truly it’s only God’s opinion and purpose He has for your life because sometimes what He has planned for us isn’t even what we planned for ourselves.  Make your own path and don’t let the outside noise cloud your focus.

Until next time… #BeBold #BeFearless #BeEmpowered


Jimmetta Carpenter 


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Laying the Groundwork

So I’m about to have another birthday on Thursday and I’ll be turning 41 and thinking about really crossing further into the forties has me thinking about whether or not I’m satisfied with the direction that my life is going. I mean of course I had plans when I was younger of what my forty year old self would be doing in life and where I would be in my career and on the ladder of success.

However, when I was younger I was naïve to the reality of adulthood and what having all of those things that I want would take in terms of effort and sheer willpower after getting repeatedly knocked down and having to pry myself off the ground to get back up and keep pushing forward. Honestly if you had asked me when I was younger if I thought I had the tenacity and strength to have to keep pushing through all of the obstacles that have been thrown at me I would have said no, I can’t do it, I’m just not that strong. I’m glad to say that I would have been wrong because you never truly know how strong you are until you have to be.

So what have I learned in these 41 years of living? I suppose I would say the biggest thing that I’ve learned about myself, and that I continue to learn as I move forward in my career goals, is that I have never lost my passion for what it is I know I am supposed to do with my life. Even though I’m not sure how I knew writing was my purpose back when I was just six years old (at six I wouldn’t have known anything about the use of the word purpose lol) I have never wavered from that dream.  Sure I thought I would be where I desired to be by now but again, that was the naiveté of a child dreaming that just assumed if you’re talented and wanted it bad enough it would happen easily.

I know a lot of people who think writing is nothing special and that it’s an easy thing to do. I often get those that think I don’t do anything at all because I’m “just a writer” they say and that’s “not that hard to do” which is infuriating because this is not a career for the feint of heart.  I have literally dedicated my entire life to this craft and it is who I am, not just what I do. At 41 I’m not on any New York Time’s Bestsellers list (as I hoped I would be at this point) and frankly I am just now in the process of re-releasing my first novel and a couple of poetry books this year but I have put in years of article writing and blogging here on this blog, creating a newsletter first, and then magazine, to make sure that I do my part to highlight other authors to the best of my ability, and now I even have a YouTube channel in which I talk about my writing life and that is not nothing.

A couple of years ago, in the mindset I was in then, I would have been sulking and further depressed about where I wasn’t in my life, only focused on what I haven’t been able to accomplish.  Today, because I have been working on my spiritual journey, my mindset has drastically shifted to where I don’t see it quite that way anymore. I see all that I have been able to accomplish as me laying the groundwork for all of the victorious things that I know are to come. I have been getting prepared for my dreams to come to fruition and I think I needed that preparation.

Just because things don’t happen on the timetable that we want them to, doesn’t mean they won’t happen. In fact it may be better for them not to happen when we want them because I find that oftentimes when we think we are ready for things, more than likely we aren’t ready at all. If you haven’t gotten to where you want in life just yet, don’t let that get you down. Just think of it as you laying the groundwork for all that is to come and keep pushing, keep working, and you will get there. God wouldn’t give you the vision and the dream if He hadn’t prepared a way for you to have it when He’s ready for you to.

Until next time #BePatient #BePersistent #BeReady


Jimmetta Carpenter 



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We Repeat the History We Don’t Address

Today is Memorial Day and I would first like to say thank you to all of those who have served and given their lives for the freedoms that we hold dear. Today is also commemorating another day. I don’t want to use the word Anniversary because that would suggest it was a celebratory occasion in which it was most certainly not. I guess I would say it is a day to honor those whose lives were slain 100 years ago in the Greenwood Neighborhood of Tulsa Oklahoma.

It’s a history that I myself had no idea about until I was well into my twenties (so not even in college had the history of this day been told to us) and even when I had first heard of this Massacre I hadn’t yet heard the extensive history behind it and I’ll admit that until recently I hadn’t wanted to do a deep dive of that day because I knew of the trauma it left behind and as someone who suffers from occasional bouts of depression I just wasn’t ready yet to know the totality of what had happened back then.  I have since learned more about that tragedy and watched numerous documentaries and television specials on it and to say that having done so, it makes the Insurrection of January 6th feel as if history was once again repeating itself is an understatement; perhaps in different ways but a repeat all the same.

It’s striking how much hate there is in this world. It’s sad that when I hear things that happen to people who look like me these days I have to even utter the statement of “I’m not surprise” because it should be surprising. It should be surprising that in all of this time we as a country, and for the sake of this argument, a good majority of white Americans (I’m not saying all because it is definitely not all) that a lesson hasn’t been learned.  It is disheartening that hate still seems to be triumphing over love in a lot of ways.

As a person who truly does try to find the good in most every scenario and find the love in all ways it’s hard for me to look at the story of what happened on that day in 1921 in Greenwood of Tulsa Oklahoma and see any kind of good or positive in that. I suppose that I could say that I don’t think that something like that would happen in America today but honestly I’m not sure I can comfortably say that. 

We get a little uncomfortable sometimes when we have to talk about painful pasts and tragedies that happened in American history but we can’t move past it until we actually address it and learn from it.  There’s this phrase that states we are doomed to repeat history if we don’t acknowledge it and I think it is a very true statement.  When people are hurting they don’t just miraculously heal, they have to first talk about the hurt because we can’t heal what we don’t acknowledge. 

There is deep pain in this country and it stems from a deep-seated hatred that keeps getting buried as if it never existed but that’s just allowing things to fester.  I still believe that love really can triumph over hate but the hate has to be addressed first so we can start to heal. I am really ready for that American Dream that the founding fathers talked about in that Constitution they wrote to be experienced by ALL Americans, as a whole. I think the healing is long over-do. 

Until next time… #BeBold #BeBrave #BeTheChange

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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When One Chapter Closes…

For the last week or so I’ve been doing last minute prepping details for my daughter’s high school graduation. It’s been a mixture of things from frustrating (just because of the tediousness of all the details), and exciting, and of course extremely emotional. Even though my daughter technically turned 18 on the first day of May I knew my actual job wasn’t really done until she successfully walked across that stage and received her high school diploma.

And yes, of course I know that a parent’s job is never actually done, but from birth until high school graduation is one really long chapter and once it closes the next chapter is going to look a bit different. I know this next chapter is going to be me parenting an adult child. I have to balance knowing when to trust that I raised her well enough to make the right decisions for herself and her newly adult life while knowing when to covertly sneak in and steer her in the direction I know is best for her but still making her think it was all really her choice lol.

I’m laughing but not really because isn’t that what we do when you strongly advise them to do something, giving them the benefit of our experiences. After that we just cross our fingers and hope they make the right call and that if they don’t make the choice we would’ve made, pray that your child is right and you are actually wrong because then that means they will be okay.

I am praying that I did a good enough job and that I instilled in her what she needs to make the decisions that will make her journey, not easy, but worthwhile.  I don’t know how this new chapter of parenting and this brand new chapter of adulthood for my child is going to go and I wish I can say I’m one of those people who embrace the excitement of finding out along the way but you guys know that I am not that person lol. 

I just pray that this next chapter for her will be everything that she wants it to be and that I will be able to be there for her in the way that pushes her forward and motivates her because I didn’t have a mother that cheered for my dreams and that supported my creative endeavors. I didn’t have a mother that I could even go to for advice about how best to follow my dreams so I have tried to be that for my daughter.

I just hope that I did my job well so that she can walk her journey with confidence and assuredness that she can, in fact, have everything that she dreams of, as long as she’s willing to put in the work for it. Graduation day is tomorrow and thus this chapter will be closed and a new one can begin. I’m just crossing my fingers and I’m going to cheer her on the whole way through.

Until next time… #BeBrave #BeEmpowered #BeFearless


Jimmetta Carpenter 


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Slow and Steady Makes the Journey Worthwhile

I would be telling the biggest lie I’ve ever told if I said that I wasn’t one who was hoping to write something spectacular and hit it big immediately and become rich within the first five years of my writing career.  As you may have guessed, that has not happened. Not only have I not hit it big in name recognition or notoriety but I am so far from rich it’s not even remotely funny. In fact I’m going to let you in on a little secret (that’s not really so secret if you’ve been paying attention lol) but I am not even all that financially stable. I am literally just getting by, and barely.

Where am I going with this, you ask? Simply that sometimes quick and easy is overrated and slow and steady really is the right pace we all should be going. I have had so many experiences, both good and bad, along this journey that is my writing career and there was a time that I would have wished all of the struggles I’ve had away but I realize in doing that I would wish away all of the experiences I’ve had with them. Some of those experiences, especially the bad ones, strengthened me and made me into a much better writer and while you never stop growing as a writer, those experiences were vital.

I think that once I get to the level of success that I am striving for (the first level anyway), I will be far more grateful given all of the long, hard, and oftentimes depression filled years that it took to get me to that place. I have recently launched a few things and am moving closer to re-releasing my first novel with it’s new cover and releasing my poetry books, all while working on new novel projects as well and I am so excited for the day when I can say I have like ten published books (because that day is coming lol).

I think most of all I will look back on this slow (depressingly slow) and steady journey and be thankful that everything didn’t just speed by so quickly and that it wasn’t an easy road because as I’ve said here before, I don’t believe that anything worth having is ever going to be easy to obtain. I want a long steady and very successful career as an author, one with a legacy I can pass down to my daughter and I think maybe that means that the journey needs to be long and steady as well. We would do better to remember that it’s not about how fast you get to where you are going, it’s about making sure that you actually get to where you’re going and hopefully as prepared as you possibly can be. Faster isn’t always better.

Until next time… #BeGrateful #BeDiligent #BePatient 

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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Pushing the Boundaries

So I did it! I did my first live stream this past weekend and I’m going to be honest, I did not hit it out of the park. I wasn’t necessarily planning to hit a home run here because if you know anything about me then you know I am terrified when it comes to doing something new, in particular something new that terrifies me in the first place. I’m never eager to fail at anything but I have been doing some growing these past few years, both spiritually and mentally, so I get that in order to succeed at anything there are going to be a few failures along the way because perfect is not a realistic goal. Could it have gone better? Yes! Do I regret doing it even though I feel I could’ve done much better? No! Just in the way that I felt terrified when I started my YouTube channel about being on camera to begin with but then gradually adapted to it and even liking it.

Sometimes doing things that we don’t necessarily want to do can end up being the best thing that we’ve ever done and if we just focused on the fact that it scares us then we would never much of anything.  It’s scary to grow past the box that you have learned to maneuver yourself in. You get accustomed to things being just the way you like them and in a way that doesn’t require you to have to learn anything new or do something you’re not used to doing and in my case, someone who has extreme anxiety and OCD and a nearly paralyzing fear of change, it can feel pretty good to know what to expect out of every day.  But then you never end up growing if it stays that way and to succeed in life with anything there has to be growth.

It’s something that I’m learning along this journey and something that definitely makes me feel uncomfortable. I suppose we all have two choices in the ladder of success. We can hold on to the rung that we’re on with the knowledge that as long as we hold on tight we won’t fall, we’ll stay right where we are. Or, we can have faith that if you just carefully move forward and grab one rung at a time, even knowing that there is a possibility of falling, that God will always be your safety net, thus remaining cautious yet still in motion. 

We can’t hold on at the same level forever, not if we ever expect to get anywhere. Success lies in the ability to reach for the next rung of the ladder and having faith that you won’t fall and if you do that God will be there to catch you and get you back on track. We can’t live in our comfort zones forever, and I’m not sure we should really want to even if we could.

Until next time… #BeBold #BeCourageous #BeBrave


Jimmetta Carpenter 



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Stepping Out of Fear’s Shadow

I’m doing something that terrifies me this weekend and I am partly excited because it’s new and nervous as hell because I don’t know if I’m going to do well at it. As you guys know I have a YouTube channel in which I share my writing life (and sometimes other stuff going on in my life) with the world and whoever cares to watch. Live streams are big in the AuthorTube community (basically the writing community in YouTube) and just about everyone already does them and it’s not a big deal but I have yet to do one.

Frankly the idea of being live on camera without the ability to edit myself and cut out the parts where I mess up is just panic inducing.  Now I’m just doing a one year YouTube anniversary celebration so there won’t be writing sprints this time because I just want to get my bearings in this new pool that I’m dipping my toe into but it’s scary.

Doing new things is always scary. I have a few other new things on the horizon and products that I’m getting ready to launch and there’s a fear there as well.  When you put things out there, or put yourself out there, you want people to be receptive and you want people to like and even love what you’re putting out. I think of all of the things that I want to do with my company and my brand and everything that I am working on and towards are things that I hope and pray will inspire and motivate others and something that can help others to be their best creative and authentic selves. So if I put something out there I’ve put time and love into that creation and I want people out there to get something out of it. 

All of this is to say that we all have fears and things that terrify us and that keep us from just jumping out there with the things that we want to create.  We have to learn to not give into those fears and it’s not something that comes natural. It’s not a natural inclination for most people to just throw caution to wind and go for something without the thought of failing. It’s hard to not think about all of the things that could go wrong.

I have been working on training myself to only think about the things that can go right. That is what is keeping me in the forward moving direction. That is what I hope you will start to put into practice to keep yourself moving forward towards accomplishing your goals.  I want all of us to move out of a constant state of fear and into a persistent state of expectation. You get what you expect out of life and I expect all good things, and I expect them in abundance. 

Until next time… #BeBold #BeFearless #BeMotivated

Jimmetta Carpenter 



The Patches in Our Quilts

I was listening to an old Tyler Perry acceptance speech that talked about his grandmother’s quilt and how at first he was ashamed of the quilt his grandmother had left him because it wasn’t appealing to the eye. He spoke about learning how to eventually appreciate the patches in his grandmother’s quilt because he had to come to realize that every patch that went into making the quilt she left him told a story of an area in her life and her quilt was the overall story of her life and she was leaving that to him. Initially he hadn’t even understood the enormity of the legacy she had left him. It made me think about whether or not we always understand the value of our patches.

I have often at different points in my life of course, felt shame for some tough lessons I had to learn the hard way. I’ve felt regret for opportunities that I have been too afraid to take and for decisions that I couldn’t take back.  Now that I have just crossed into my forties and I have spent the last few years growing both spiritually and mentally, I have come to believe that those moments in my life that I used to want to take back have made me who I am, for better or for worse.

While I would have loved not to have learned some of the lessons I’ve learned the hard way I wonder if I would have ever learned them otherwise.  Would I have ever been pushed forward without the hardships that I’ve had? If I hadn’t been knocked down so many times would I have developed the tenacity and persistence to be able to keep getting back up and pushing harder for what I want?

All of our experiences in life give us something to take into the next phase of our journeys’. They prepare us and toughen us up for what will undoubtedly be a bumpy road to the success you’re striving for.  The failures that you’ve had in life are not what you should dwell on because those failures mean that you actually tried. One thing is for certain and that is that you can’t succeed at anything without ever having tried. 

My mistakes are what have strengthened me and they are patches in my life’s quilt. I am very proud to sew them together and see just how far I’ve come even if I still have quite a ways to go.  I hope to be able to pass the quilt of my life down to my daughter so that she can then be able to know my story. Perhaps she will add her own patches to the quilt to pass down to her kids in the future.  Everyone needs to be proud of the patches that they have in their quilts and not just proud but understand the value in every single patch.

Until next time… #BeBold #BeFearless #BeGateful

Jimmetta Carpenter 


Purpose over Perfection

I have this need for things to be perfected. Logically, I know that I am not perfect, that I don’t always behave in a perfect manner, therefore, nothing that I do will ever be completely perfect. When you’re a creative and you are creating any kind of art, or a product to promote your art and/or company you want every finite detail to be just right. If it’s not just right then you tend to not want to put it out there for fear that someone else will point out those very imperfections. 

Now I know this doesn’t apply to all artists because I have read many books with quite a few errors in the books (mostly typos but some grammatical) and these are books by best selling authors, authors whom I love and am always excited to read their next books. Now these imperfections never stop me from picking up their next book because I know that human error comes in to play that’s okay. The problem comes when I’m putting together something and then I start to get inside my own head and pick apart every detail and it is what hinders me the most.

As I am about to launch my products for my Write 2 Be brand and Re-publish my first book along with three poetry books I am hesitant because I know that I can’t possibly catch every single error. As many times as I can go over something I know that I will inevitably miss something because I’m human and there’s no way that I can catch all of it (try as I might lol). I think if we could all have everything we do, everything that we put out there into the world with our names on it, be perfect we would. While imperfect people are uniquely wonderful in their own right, we want the products we buy to be as close to perfect as possible. No one wants a shirt where the wording is spelled wrong. 

So I’m nervous and I’m being extremely tedious and analyzing everything excessively (over analyzing is kind of my thing) to the point where I end up putting out nothing. I don’t want to analyze myself right out of the opportunities that are waiting for me and I don’t want you fellow over analyzers to do that either. We have to get out of our own heads, get out of our own way, and get our stuff out there. One thing is for sure, no one can buy a product that hasn’t been put out there to buy. 

So if you’re holding back on putting that book out there or whatever art you produce because you are waiting for every detail to be perfect. Stop. It won’t be perfect. You will always find something wrong because you are expecting to. Get your product out there to the best of your ability. I’m not saying don’t give it the proper analysis that it is due, I’m just saying when you are reasonably certain that everything is good to go, don’t go looking for a reason that it’s not.  Put yourself and your products out there! The world is waiting!

Until next time… #BeBold #BeAuthentic #BeMotivated


Jimmetta Carpenter 


We Can’t Judge Someone Else’s Walk

When someone dies, celebrity or otherwise, there is always a slew of prayers and condolences going out to the family and a wave of Rest In Peace’s throughout social media. It’s the ordinary person’s way of expressing their sadness for the loss of life and I think it’s wonderful that we show that expression of sorrow and compassion for the family and friends that are left behind. What I don’t understand is those who will judge that person’s lifestyle and assume to know what their relationship may or may not have been with God (thus making ignorant claims that the person isn’t going to heaven because of the life they’ve lead) as if they were somehow privy to all of their private moments.

One’s relationship with God is their own and seemingly private and I think that it annoys me when people quote parts of the bible without remembering some of the other crucial parts of it. Now I will admit that I can not quote nearly any of the bible other than some of my most favorite scriptures but I know that in the bible it makes it clear that God loved both sinners and saints equally and that he is unbelievably forgiving to those who have been deemed “unredeemable” to the rest of the world.

I don’t make a practice of trying to figure out what someone else’s relationship with God is, for one because I’m still working on strengthening my own. I know that each person will have their own special bond and only God knows what’s in someone’s heart. I just question where some get the nerve to judge the life anyone has lead and determine for themselves where they are going when their spirit leaves this earth. I also distinctly remember the bible saying (and I’m paraphrasing here) ‘judge not, lest ye be judged’ so I think that we should spend more time concerning ourselves with our own walk in life and making sure that what we’re doing is what we perceive is the right thing to do for us and our own journey, spiritually, personally, and professionally. 

We spend far too much time judging other people for things that we can’t possibly know and frankly for things that have absolutely nothing to do with the path that we are currently on. I think I spent far too much time myself, in my younger years, worrying about what everyone else was doing in relation to me, instead of just focusing on my journey, and what I was doing and how I was going to get to where I needed to be. We get sidetracked trying to determine what other people are doing with their lives and where they might go at the end of it and really it’s not for us to say.

When we lose someone, or when someone we love or admire and are inspired by passes on I would hope that we focus on the wisdom they imparted and on the gifts they gave to the world (I don’t mean material or monetary gifts) and how they enriched our lives. I would hope that the worst things or mistakes we’ve ever made in our lives would not be the way that others judged the legacy that we leave behind. We should always strive to remember the best that someone had to offer this world, never the worst.  I hope that you always think before you judge the walk of another person.

Until next time… #BeMindful #BeEncourged #BeGrateful


Jimmetta Carpenter 


Its Always a Good Day to Have a Good Day

I have a plaque sitting on my new desk that says ‘It’s A Good Day to Have a Good Day’ (I added always in the title of this blog for emphasis on remembering this fact) and I knew when I say this that I need this for my office because I need that daily reminder. Since I’ve been on my spiritual journey and deepening my relationship with God I have tried to keep a positive attitude about everything and to even find the silver lining or the lesson in everything that happens. I truly believe that while everything that happens to us in life won’t be good and may not have been planned or what we wanted to happen, it is our reaction to the things that happen that will inevitably allow us to pull through any given obstacle thrown our way. 

I’m having one of those days where I needed to be reminded of the fact that I make the choice of whether it’s going to be a good day or not and where I have to try to figure out the lesson in the obstacle. I can choose to brood all day and complain about what happened and how unfair it was and how it wasn’t handled correctly by other parties but ultimately I still have to look at what I should have done to avoid the obstacle.  What good is complaining about something for the rest of the day when those complaints will not change the outcome? The only thing that will change it is to handle it, rectify the issue behind it so that it doesn’t happen again, and move on with the rest of my day and what needs to be done.

I’ve been that person who has complained all day and then the rest of the day ends up being wasted because I choose to sit in that one bad moment of the day and allow it to bloom into the rest of the day. I have worked really hard to change that way of thinking and I suppose today was a testament of that.

I am choosing to make the rest of this day matter and to make it, not only a good day, but a great day. I am alive, I am seemingly healthy (well I need to lose some weight but I’m working on it), and I have a rood over my head. I am blessed beyond measure and that alone makes it a very good day. So no matter what happens in your day, in your week, in your month, or in your year, make the choice to have a good day. Life really is what you make it!

Until next time… #BeGrateful #BeMindful #BeBlessed

Jimmetta Carpenter 


A Little Repositioning Can Change Your Perspective

I’ve spent the last several weeks getting new items to redo my office area. Now my home office is positioned in a small area in my master bedroom so it’s not a whole room I’m working with, just a section of my room. Now I bought a new, larger, desk which gives me more space to work with for my laptop and also for when I do any hand writing or whatever else I want to do that’s not on the computer. 

So when I bought the new desk I also had planned on just revamping my whole area to be more efficient and allow me to be more productive. I wanted to get some things I’ve needed for quite some time now and for that I had to also reposition the way things were already to make room for those new things and to make a more professional set up. In doing so I realized even more that sometimes changing the way things are situated, even in the same exact area as they were before, can often change your attitude and your efficiency as well. It can sometimes bring a new perspective to things.

I have been writing for most of my life so I never needed a specific set up to simply do what I do as easily as I breathe, however, there is something to be said for having a professional setup (at least what I deem in my mind as the professional setup for a writer lol) that makes me truly feel like this is the business that I’ve been setting it up to be. Even though I’m not finished putting the final touches on everything in my newly revamped space (which you’ll see soon on my YouTube channel linked below when I upload my office redo) but I’m typing this post now in that area and I already feel different about my work and my productivity in this space.

Now my true dream office setup would require an entire room but seeing as though my daughter has decided to wait until the Spring of 2022 to start college (she feels she’s not quite ready to go straight into college just yet) there won’t be a whole room available anytime soon.  I think that I’ve created, or have started to create, the ideal setup for the space I have to work with now and I love it so much. I feel different sitting in this space already and it’s amazing how just simply shifting some furniture around and adding a few necessary items can change how you feel about the work that you are doing.

If you are feeling a little burned out or as if you are not being as productive as you could be, then perhaps all you need is to shift some things around in the space that you are in. Even if it’s just buying a few new trinkets or items to spice up your office décor that is still something that can make you feel like you’re writing in a brand new space which can allow you to have a completely new feeling about the work that you are doing.  Try switching things up a bit to make you feel more productive. You have to make things work in the best way that you can because productivity is all in the eyes (or rather fingers) of the person getting the work done.

Until next time… #BeIntentional #BeProductive #BeMotivated

Jimmetta Carpenter 



Are You Heeding the Call?

I do daily devotionals and have done a pretty good job of making a habit of reading my devotionals and my bible readings for quite some time now. It is a welcomed part of my spiritual journey and growth and something that I had convinced myself at one point in my life that I didn’t need to do. Yesterday after listening to a message from my Pastor about obeying God’s will I read in my devotional about answering the call that God has placed on our lives and obeying the voice of God and not the whispers of Fear.

It got me to thinking about how many times we dismiss the gifts that we inherit from God and how much time do we waste ignoring what we know we’re called to do and fighting that calling. More importantly it made me contemplate how many people’s lives do we miss the opportunity to touch and what that means because we didn’t act soon enough?

When I was younger and realized that writing was my passion and my gift I thought that it was mostly because it was the outlet I needed to release some of the emotional pain I had to deal with in my childhood. Not that I don’t write for the readers and to of course tell the stories living in my head but I felt very silenced as a kid and that was my way of using my voice. I’m not sure when it was exactly that I realized that my writing actually helped other people but at the moment that I did I shifted the way I thought about what I wanted my writing career to do.

I had one major goal prior to that realization and that was to make the New York Times Best Seller List. However that has shifted to how I can use my words and my writing to effect change in the world, or in people generally.  Now, yes my writing is still and always about the stories I tell, but everything that I do within my writing career is about what it can do for others and how I can help others. With my YouTube channel, with my magazine, with my up coming podcast, with the products I’m creating to sell, it is about making other people understand that someone sees them.

I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I hadn’t realized early on what my calling was and if I had just ignored it. It wasn’t like I didn’t think of other career choices when I went to college and I do after all have a Master’s in Psychology and a Bachelor’s in Communications so it isn’t that there aren’t other avenues that I could have taken, certainly they would’ve provide more financial stability. But I knew what I was put on this earth to do and while I had to figure out exactly how my calling could make a difference in the world, I knew that I wasn’t going to give up on what I truly felt God put me on this earth for. 

Have you realized what you were called to do? Have you been wasting too much time fighting that calling? Have you been listening too much to those whispers of fear? Don’t let fear stop you from doing what you were meant to do.  You have a gift that can help change and improve this world. Don’t waste any more time ignoring it.

Until next time… #BeMindful #BeMotivated #BeFearless


Jimmetta Carpenter 



Are We Creating the Right Habits to Accomplish Our Goals?

I did a YouTube video last week talking about my process in between writing projects, well specifically, novels. It made me think about the different routines that we have for different phases in our lives that we get through and how varying those routines can be depending on which phase of the creative process we are in.  I have a routine for when I’m writing, albeit a routine that could use some fine tuning.  I have a routine for when I’m taking a creative break from things altogether. I have a routine for if I’m just conducting research for a particular project. Interestingly enough, as organized as it may seem to have all your bases covered no matter what stage of creativity you are in it can be counterproductive. Or maybe it’s just me that is starting to feel like having a different routine for everything is just a way to not have a concrete routine overall.

I’m currently reading (or rather listening to on audiobooks) Atomic Habits by James Clear and he talks a lot about creating systems that help you to achieve your overall goals but not relying so heavily in the goals. I haven’t gotten that far yet but so far his theory is that if you use the same system to achieve things then you can start to rely in your system that you set up and not necessarily the goals because inevitably following your system is going to get you to the goal anyway, just maybe not at the speed in which you have set up in your goals. What I understand so far is that creating habits that you can stick to and do instinctively without really thinking about them is more valuable then having these bullet points for goals that oftentimes seem unattainable and out of reach.

Now he wasn’t saying that you shouldn’t have goals at all anymore, but rather that you should have formed habits and ways of getting to those goals. For instance, I have a book that I’ve been trying to republish since last year and for one reason or another it is proving to be a longer process than I initially thought. But is that because my goals are off or because my habits in getting those goals accomplished are off? I should have a proven system that is going to allow me to produce more of what I need to do in order to get those goals tackled. I can have all the goals I want to have and they can be lofty or they can be relaxed but without the methods and a system put in place to actively get to that goal, then the habits have to be consistent.

What are your systems or habits for achieving what you want out of life? Are you practicing those habits consistently? Take some time to think about whether you are setting goals just to set goals or if you are actually taking steps and forming habits that will help you fully achieve those goals. Having goals to strive for are great. Having routines to get through your different creative phases is wonderful. But having habits formed and being consistent in keeping up those habits is what will get us to the point where we can say we accomplished those goals.

Until next time… #BeMindful #BeProductive #BeConsistent

Jimmetta Carpenter 


Exploring Every Inch of the Road in the Journey

The day we cease to explore is the day we begin to wilt. ~Cicely Tyson

Good or bad, life is nothing but a bunch of experiences. We have really good moments and we have really bad moments, and oftentimes the bad moments start to feel like they are more present than the good.  Where am I going with this you ask? Well, just that mistakes and hard times are simply apart of the exploration that we do throughout our journey. We can’t avoid them and in all honesty we should probably be welcoming them.

This thought process came to my mind because of a zoom call that I had with some wonderfully creative girlfriends of mine. We were getting together (virtually) to discuss Cicely Tyson’s book and other extraordinarily talented black creative artists. Of course the conversation ventured over to discussing our own creative endeavors and what our vision was for the things we were working on. I was singled out, and rightfully so (because they know me so very well), for often being afraid of stepping outside the box and exploring things, mainly for fear of making mistakes.

I have expressed here many times over the years this really tiresome dance that I do with my fear and how I strive to move past that and I’ve made strides and every now and then I realize I hadn’t let go of all of these fears as much as I would like to believe.  Don’t get me wrong, I am way better than I was years ago in terms of dealing with my constant fears and the obstacle the fear itself presents itself to be. I just have a ways more to go. On that zoom call I was reminded of advice from other successful people throughout history which is that the more you fail or rather make mistakes, the more life experience you have to put into your work and the better you can make the next attempt.

Not exploring things, not exploring life, is in many ways not allowing yourself to experience both successes and failures in various magnitudes and to use those learning experiences to fuel your drive and motivation to power forward.  Without exploration we don’t really learn what works and what doesn’t work, what we like and what we don’t like, and we simply don’t learn much of anything about who we are. 

If you are letting fear hold you back or keep you in that place of comfort, stop holding yourself back from experiencing every aspect there is of success, and that includes the moments in which you will undoubtedly making mistakes. It is not failing to get things wrong and to mess up. You only become a failure when you cease to explore at all. Never stop exploring every inch of the road you will walk on your journey.

Until next time… #BeCourageous #BeInspired #BeFearless

Jimmetta Carpenter 


It’s All In How You Respond

“You can’t control everything that happens to you but you can control how you respond to everything because in how you respond is your power.” ~Anonymous

It is instinct to react to things that upset us in an emotional, sometimes irrational manner. It is human nature but it doesn’t always make for the best outcome and it most certainly doesn’t act as a solution to your problem or whatever has disappointed you. Oftentimes we get disappointed about the doors that won’t open for us or the rejections that we get, particularly if you are a writer or pursue a creative career in general. It takes the wind out of your sails and when you get knocked down there’s that one moment where you just want to stay down. You find yourself telling someone trying to help you up that you just need a moment to lay there and get yourself together.

The thing is that you can only take a minute because while you’re laying there collecting your thoughts on what went wrong, someone else is trying out their own attempts at that same door.  When you respond to rejection by giving it up and quitting because it gets too hard, well there is power in your response. It’s just power that you are giving to the next person who won’t give up quite so easily. I don’t say any of this as a person who hasn’t wanted to just lay in my rejection and wallow for a while before making another attempt at something.

I don’t react well to rejection. It’s one of the main reasons that I had decided about two years ago to completely give up seeking traditional publication and to self publish instead. Now I am rethinking that decision. I mean there is a few books that I would choose to self-publish more so because they are poetry books which don’t typically get traditional publication unless you’re in the spotlight for something else. However, I have a few books that I really would like to see get the traditional publication treatment. I am not a marketer, I am not a graphic designer, and while I can be a persuasive person I can’t say that my negotiation skills are that of a publicist, or an agent even.

Now I just have to wonder was my response to all the rejection (albeit great rejection because they were not form letters) I received the right response. Did I throw in the towel too soon, and more importantly, is it too late. Did I give away some of my power by staying down for too long? I guess that is to be determined but I wanted to write this today to say to a that person out there who thinks that they have all the time in the world to stay down for just a few moments and to respond with only a little bit of wallow, you don’t.  It’s time to get up and respond to that moment of rejection with even more action.

Until next time…#BeBold #BeProductive #BeMotivated

Jimmetta Carpenter 


Can’t Move Forward While Standing Still

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are” ~Max Depree

I saw this quote and it made me think of how much I’ve grown in certain ways over the last couple of years. It also makes me think of the ways that I still have yet to grow.  There are still risks that I haven’t been willing to take because, simply put, I can’t predict where taking those risks will lead. However, I can’t help but think that perhaps not taking some of those risks costs me way more time than the sheer anxiety of wondering where it would lead. 

Some of us are really good at jumping into the next phase of the dream and taking things head on and I admire that. Then there are those of us who often are hesitant to reach out and grab the next opportunity that comes our way because we don’t know if we’re going to actually be able to reach the level we’re striving for.

It’s true that you can’t move forward while standing still so if you are anything like me and your anxiety or self-doubt is holding you back from something, don’t allow it to continue keeping you stuck.  Let’s make a pact that we’ll reach for that next opportunity together. We will keep moving forward, even if the steps that we are taking are small little baby steps.

Until next time… #BeBrave #BeFearless #BeReady


Jimmetta Carpenter 


Having Courage Is Never Easy

So I know this blog is not necessarily a political type of blog but I have been known to occasionally voice my feelings on something political that has happened. By now everyone who isn’t living under a rock knows that a certain former President was, once again, not held accountable for his criminal behavior while representing this country. In large part, this is due to a the vast majority of the party formerly known as the Republican party who refused to put their country first along with the people they represent over one person who desired to become a dictator.  They lacked the courage that they needed to actually do the right thing and to think of other people besides themselves and their grab for power.

Now I’m not going to waste time in this post today talking about people who clearly don’t exhibit any bravery and this is not a condemnation on the REAL Republicans who still exist and are not beholden to one man but rather to their conservative principles. My point in today’s post is about when people show and exemplify courage to do the right thing even in the midst of pressure to do the wrong things. Those people who persevere in spite of the push back and the struggle will be greatly rewarded in the end with the knowledge that they reached their destination in life, not by taking the easy way out, but by fighting for what’s right.

Life is like that when you are also walking a path towards your dreams. It is so very easy to do things that feel good at the time and that are short cuts to your end goal but easy doesn’t always mean it is right. I’ve often wondered how much further I could be in my career and in the positive change that I want to have on this country, on this world, if I hadn’t always been looking for so many short cuts and easy roads to getting what I wanted. Nothing bad every really happened as a result of those short cuts per say but it ended up taking longer to get to the destination that I was really trying to get to. I had so many things to untangle from doing the wrong things, what looked like the easy thing, in order to get to the point where I was supposed to be. The short cut or easy way turned out to not be so easy after all.

All of those Republicans who think they’re going to keep their seat, hold onto their power, by doing the wrong thing, I believe are reading the room very wrong. I think that they forgot that there were real people who they are supposed to be representing and they’re taking short cuts to hold on to power supposedly in the name of the constituents that they seemed to not even be really listening to.  It seems easy to take short cut after short cut or to try to find any path without a challenge in it, one that doesn’t require any fight or any bravery. But doing the right thing, the challenging thing, the courageous thing, will never be easy. If it were easy then everyone would do it.

Until the next time… #BeFearless #BeCourageous #BeDetermined


Jimmetta Carpenter 


What Is Left to Be Discovered?

I love that even at the age of forty I am still discovering things about myself and my creative abilities that I had not realized before. For instance, I have been doing my YouTube channel for almost a year now (May 9th will be a year) and I was so hesitant to dive into that realm of the creative world. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I am an extreme introvert and being on camera terrifies me. Nevertheless I took the risk and dove into the world of becoming a YouTuber and while it is a bit of a slow crawl to get a good sized audience I have discovered that I like doing it more than I thought I would.

Not the being on camera part mind you, but knowing that something I said or some advice that I have given has somehow inspired some other writer or given them courage to start their own YouTube channel. I always want to make a difference, in whatever I do, so getting comments on my videos telling me how much they enjoyed the video and how much they got out of it really makes me feel like I’m leaving my mark, however small of a mark it might be. We all leave our marks in this world, admittedly some leave bigger marks than others, but it all adds to the betterment of this world and the people in it.

I also happened to discover that I like editing videos and I’m not too bad at it either (imagine how good I can be at it if I can learn some more about the proper techniques) but I would have never discovered this hidden capability had I not attempted something that I was fearful of doing. Now I’m not saying we should dive into every single whim that we have.  However, taking a few risks every now and then can help us really learn things about ourselves that were just waiting to be discovered. Have you ever wondered what talents you might unearth if you just took a leap into that endeavor you’ve been holding back on? You should take the risk and see just what you discover about yourself.

Until next time… #BeFearless #BeBold #BeCourageous


Jimmetta Carpenter 


Have You Picked Up Your Broom Yet?

One of my best friends made a Facebook Live video yesterday with a message from God that was on her spirit to share and it was an amazing word that we all need to hear and be reminded of. She spoke about (I’m paraphrasing) blessings and God bestowing many blessings upon us but that they may not always look like what we thought they would.

We tend to have these expectations of what we think God should bless us with (me included) and if they don’t look almost exactly like what we want we get the notion that God somehow has let us down and didn’t keep his word to us. But His word didn’t say that he would give us exactly what we asked for in the form in which we asked for it. He said he would bless us exceedingly and abundantly but he never gave us the exact method in which those blessings would be bestowed.

Sometimes He says yes to our prayers and He opens a door that we were waiting on to be opened. Sometimes He says no and He closes a door that we had been hesitant to close on our own (which is still a blessing, trust me). Then there are other times where He simply says WAIT, and He gives us a broom and tells us that we need to sweep our front porch and get our house in order first before he can open that door and heap the blessings he has stored up for us. It’s that waiting period of time that challenges us the most because it’s not a yes and it’s not a no either so you tend to think that you’re in limbo, this holding pattern so to speak, without any answers. But in actuality it is an answer and very much still a blessing.

See, God doesn’t have to give us that broom to sweep our front porch with. He doesn’t have to give us a chance to even get our lives together because let’s be honest, hasn’t He given us countless chances already. If God is giving you a broom and you’re in the waiting room recognize just how blessed you really are because he is giving you time.

He is telling you that He has something special for you and He wants you to have it but you need to be ready because He has a purpose for you. It’s a purpose that He’s not entrusting to anyone else but you. Don’t just let your broom sit in the corner and just let time go by while you keep wondering where your blessings are. Pick up that broom and get to sweeping because He’s waiting on YOU! Be thankful for the broom!

Until next time… #BePatient #BeWilling #BeReady

Jimmetta Carpenter


Timing is Everything

As I watched Joseph R. Biden being sworn in last Wednesday as our 46th President I felt a sense of relief and calm come over me. I also felt a sense of hope as well. Not just hope for this country, and hope for the unification of the people of this world, but also hope in the timing that God has. I’ve learned over the last several years, the hard way might I add, that God has an incredible sense of humor when it comes to the development of our plans in life in relation to His ultimate purpose over our lives.
We don’t always understand when God closes a door that we were so sure we were prepared for but he always reveals his reasoning, eventually. Just think about our newly elected President, Joe Biden. This is his third time running for the office of President. In both of the first two times he never made it past the primaries and I don’t at all believe it was because he wasn’t prepared enough for the job, or that he wouldn’t have made an excellent President both of those times, but yet the office eluded him. He had been Vice President at least and had come to terms with the fact that being President wasn’t meant to be. But God clearly had other plans.
I don’t think that was by coincidence, but rather by sheer design. I think God knew there was going to be a more dire time in this country in which He was preparing Joe Biden for. I think given who he is, to his very core, his empathy, his knowledge, his preparedness he is the perfect President in the current circumstances this country is in.
Our timing is not always in line with God’s timing and I think if we always got everything we wanted, exactly when we wanted it, we might not be well positioned for the purpose God has for us at the time in which He needs us to be ready. He allows us to go through the obstacles and struggles we do, not because he wants us to suffer, but because he needs to build us up and provide us with the strength and fortitude we will need to endure the journey He has mapped out for us.
The next time you have a question about what God is bringing you through or why you’re not where you think you need to be yet just keep in mind what God may be preparing you for. Just make sure that you are ready when it is your time. God has a role for each and every one of us but we must be in position when called upon.

Is There Still Hope for The Dream?

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say today but I knew that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was going to be the subject of this post. So I went to pull up the full “I have a Dream” speech on YouTube because it’s been a long time since I’ve heard the speech in its entirety. As I sat there listening, it was mind blowing just how relevant and powerful his words still are to this very day.

Now I don’t know if that is telling to the staying power of his words or to the sadness that they still ring true. In essence, we may have come far but within these last few years we seemed to have taken several steps backwards.  I guess you would have to listen for yourself to determine which one it is for you. For me it’s a bit of both. Yes of course those words he spoke that day still matter, even more so now, because before the last four years we were starting to see some of those dreams manifested and brought to fruition. Or were we?

We thought that we had started to see some change with President Obama because he was someone who truly took those words of Dr. King’s to heart and he embodied them and strived, with much opposition, to make those dreams a reality. We thought we had come farther, but within the last four years we have seen certain strides that were taken being walked back immensely. It makes you wonder, had we really even made any change? Was it all surface accomplishments but underneath, the roots, were still very present and had not yet been weeded out enough to allow sustainable growth?

That day on August 28th of 1963, Dr. King said that America needed to pull itself out of the quicksand of racial injustice in where people of color lived on an island of poverty amongst a vast ocean of material prosperity. He point out that America had not kept its promise to us and that it was in for a rude awakening if it expected things to go back to business as usual.  I think that he would be disheartened to see all of his words continually quoted by people who clearly have no deep understanding of what they actually mean because if they did then they would see that we only seek “the riches of freedom and the security of justice.”

I think if he were still alive that he would find himself having to repeat those same words he spoke to those gathered around the Lincoln Memorial that day. I think he would feel obligated to remind the entitled groups of people who think the rules don’t apply to them that equality is not wrong, it is not unreasonable, and it is not unattainable.

I think he would also turn to those who have grown weary and tired, and yes complacent amongst those who would like to revert back to a time that our ancestors struggled so hard to lead us out of and tell them to keep moving forward. I think he would tell them that we cannot be satisfied with the status quo and we most certainly cannot leave this country in the fragmented state that we find ourselves in today. I think that he would remind people who are angry because we’re still explaining that we just want equality that they have to continue to strive for freedom but not by “drinking from a cup of bitterness and hatred.”

The song that plays at the very beginning of the recording of his speech is “We Shall Overcome” and as I listened to the words in that song, and replayed the words of his speech, I have to say that even in the current state of this country, I still have hope that we will be okay. I still think that Dr. King’s Dream is going to come true, someday, but we can’t give up, and we have to keep moving forward, until we are all Free At Last.  

Until next time… #BeFearless #BeBrave #BeRelentless

Jimmetta Carpenter 


The Image We Portray

As I watched the events at the Capitol building unfold last week I not only felt a profound sadness but I also felt concerned about what other countries thought of America when they watched this chaos ensue. How have we been representing ourselves to other nations? I was reading my devotional today and one of the messages talked about being a good representative of God.

We are made in His image and everything we do reflects on Him. Countless times I’ve heard people say they don’t have faith in God and in what God can do in our lives and through our lives. I myself, had a period of time (well over a decade ago) where my faith was shaky and I had those same feelings but it wasn’t because I didn’t necessarily believe in God, it was more so because there were so many un-Christian like representations of Him that it made me questions things.

I of course no longer feel that way anymore because my main focus is on how I can be a good representation of God and how I can fulfill the purpose he has placed on me to achieve. I do still, however, worry about the images that we as a people, as a country, as Christians, are projecting into this world. I want everyone to see and to know how good God is and the miracles that can take place in your life when you represent Him well and dive into living out the purpose He has for us.

By us fulfilling our dreams and purpose in life we can become and remain a very good representative of who God is and of what He can do in our lives. I want people to not follow behind those who are not a good likeness of Him. Be mindful of the image that you are putting forth for the world to see because rest assured, people are watching and they are most certainly taking notice. Until next time… #BeMindful #BeDriven #BetheChange


Jimmetta Carpenter 


Continuing to Build on the Vision

“Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.”

~Habakkuk 2:3

Listening to the first message of the New Year preached by my Pastor in my virtual church setting I felt as if it was an answer to some things that I had not yet worked up the courage to ask God about. Direction that I suppose I was reluctant to ask for because I had thought I had known so clearly in which way to go next and yet during these last few weeks of rest and restoration of my creativeness I seemed to be slightly stuck. Or maybe the more apt way to put it was that I was unsure if I was correct in the way I had perceived that I was to go. I was ready to write down my plans for the year but I kept hesitating when it came to putting pen to paper and plans on physical calendars. It’s like God knew that I needed to be nudged or reassured and decided to speak to me yesterday morning.

I’m sure there will be some slight corrections as I walk my path this year but after the message and reading the scriptures in the service, plus my devotionals later on, I think that I am starting this year on the right track. My journey to where I’m going surely seems to be modeled after the story of the tortoise and the hare, with me clearly being the tortoise but I am reminded in that story that slow and steady wins the race.

I suppose it doesn’t matter how long one takes to reach and fulfill the purpose that has been to them so long as you get there following the directions you were given, no short cuts, no avoiding of the adversities that may come along the way. After all those adversities may very well be the lessons that the next person needs that comes behind you.

One thing is for sure when it comes to fulfilling a purpose and achieving your goals. You should write them down. Don’t just keep them in your head out of uncertainty or out of fear that maybe you aren’t on the right track. It’s much easier to discern how to get back on course if you can visibly see where it is that you went off course at.

Writing down your goals is imperative to getting them done so take some time today, if you haven’t already, and write down what you plan on getting accomplished this year. If you feel like sharing let me know what a few of them are. If you’d like, go check out what my goals are for this year on my YouTube channel. Happy New Year everyone and until tomorrow… #BeAmbitious #BePersistent #BeFearless


Jimmetta Carpenter


Breaking for Creative Rejuvenation

This will be my last post of the year 2020 (and what a year it’s been) and I just wanted to tell my readers and followers how much I appreciate you all. I come here to pour my heart out to you in hopes of not just being able to sort things out for myself but also in hopes that I can have an effect on someone else out there. I would like to think that I inspire some of you and even if it’s not with actual successes, then with the lessons that I have learned from failing often because failing just simply proved that I have tried and as long as you are trying can you truly say that you have failed. There is truth in that saying that nothing beats a failure but a try because when you don’t try you don’t actually know what can happen.

I applaud all of you this year, in a year full of uncertainty and heartbreak and truly rough times, for the sheer fact that you have made it through and that you didn’t let this year dictate anything to you. You tried in spite of the odds maybe being against you. You gave to others regardless of the fact that you more than likely didn’t have much to give yourself. You gave words of hope and encouragement to others who needed it even while trying to find that hope and encouragement deep down within yourself. You have put yourself out there and became an inspiration for others shooting for their dreams, all while struggling to see your own dreams through. You are strong and important and I love all of you.

I have some things that I’m working on for the coming year. I’ve got some books that are finally going to be released next year and other ideas, for the magazine, for my YouTube channel and other Write 2 Be related things and I have to go off and refill my creative well so that I can come back with fresh and new ideas and inspiration for you all. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Until next time… #BeInspired #BeMotivated #BeRenewed

Jimmetta Carpenter 


No Holding Back (Anymore?)

I saw a message of motivation on social media over the weekend. It essentially pointed out that whatever it is that you are holding yourself back from doing because you’re afraid you won’t do it perfectly, someone else is already doing the same thing, and not only are they doing it incorrectly, but they’re okay with it not being done right.  They are making a viable income off of it, not necessarily because it’s a good product but rather that they are confident in their mediocrity. In the end it said that you should believe in your own excellence as much as other people tend to believe in their mediocrity and it really spoke to me. Then the message my Pastor spoke about this past Sunday was on anxiety and that too felt like it was aimed directly at me.

I’ve been doing fairly well managing my anxiety levels over the course of this past year, odd given the current state of the world in which everyone’s anxiety levels are understandably up.  My anxiety has peeked once again over the last couple of weeks but not because of the health crisis going on right now but rather because of the goals I didn’t achieve in the year 2020 and the goals that I am setting in the coming year of 2021 and some of it is because I have held back on doing things because I feel like I’m not going to do it “perfect” enough.

I have been letting my anxiety get in the way of quite a few things in the last few weeks and it’s a struggle to tell those negative voices in my mind to shut up.  I don’t know if someone will do it better or even do it at all. I’m holding back on things that I’ve wanted to do for a long time now based on what ifs and that doesn’t get me anywhere. I have to stop holding myself back from doing things because of what I feel someone else can do better because the truth is I don’t know that and the only thing I can really control is putting all of my cards on the table and letting them fall wherever they may.  Until next time… #BeInspired #BeMotivated #BeFearless


Jimmetta Carpenter 


It is Now Planning Season

So today is the last day of NaNoWriMo and I know that I’ve been MIA for the last two weeks. I realized that I had to put my total focus on writing my novel for NaNo these last few weeks. I actually put quite a few things on the back burner but it all paid off because I did it! I won NaNoWriMo!

Now while that does not mean that the book is finished because it is most certainly not (I’m not sure a book would ever be completed for me in 50,000 words lol)  but the pressure of finishing those first chunk of words of my novel is over and now I can relax a bit. I say relax but really relaxing is the last thing that’s really going to happen in the month of December.

December is the month of planning for me (and a lot of other writers frankly) in which I start taking a hard look at the year of 2021 and what I want to happen over the course of that year, the goals, the vision board, the reading lists, the books I plan to write and publish, the merchandise I am releasing, the new things for the magazine, my YouTube channel, my newsletter, and other things. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it?

Yeah it’s overwhelming when I lay it all out like that but I am a planner and a person who needs goals to strive to reach and while I may not reach all of them (Lord knows I did not reach my goals in 2020—but who did lol) I will definitely feel better about myself if I know that I am at least giving it a try. So what do all of you do to get prepared for the New Year? Are you feeling a little shy about planning for 2021 given the year that was 2020? Share your planning methods with me if you’d like! Until next time… #BeMotivated #BePrepared #BeFearless


Jimmetta Carpenter 



Writing While Distracted

So week 1 of NaNoWriMo felt like an entire year! Monday felt like a complete and total blur and then I voted on Tuesday and then the rest of the week felt like an eternity.  I was a bit distracted by the news and by a bit I mean A LOT. Make no mistake I did make sure to get my words done each day of the week, that just seemed to be all that I managed to be able to get done. Well that and a new Author Interview up on the magazine and of course new videos up on my YouTube channel. 

So this week has been a test about writing with distractions and while I am happy at the fact that I was able to complete my daily word count goals for NaNoWriMo I was not terribly happy about the other projects that I am also supposed to be working on simultaneously that didn’t get any attention last week. So my overall lesson from week 1 was that I have to know when to shut off the rest of the world and the distractions that come with it.

This is a new week and I have goals for this week, both writing in the novel project that I’m working on for NaNoWriMo and ones for my other projects as well as the Magazine, and those goals must be met, or at least met with good effort. So if you want to check out more in detail how my week 1 of NaNoWriMo went just click on the link here or below and go check it out. Until next time… #BeProductive #BeFocused #BeMotivated


Jimmetta Carpenter 


NaNoWriMo Has Begun but Tomorrow is More Important (VOTE)

It was a busy and productive weekend. I still had an outline to finish up and NaNoWriMo started officially yesterday (although my day one was on Saturday).  All of that was exciting and all and I would love to get into all of it, but honestly today, on the eve of arguably the most important election in this country’s history (no matter which side of the aisle you stand on), there seems to be a much more important message to share today. Please, if you haven’t already mailed in your ballot, or voted early, the please VOTE!

There is a lot of suppression happening and there are those who think that their vote won’t matter but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If your vote didn’t matter then they wouldn’t be trying so hard to suppress it and discount it. So that’s my message today. I don’t really care who you vote for, your personal stance on things and what drives you morally or ethically is something that is not for me to judge or to even have a place to know, however, many people died so that EVERYONE can have a right to VOTE so don’t make it all for nothing. It’s go time everyone! VOTE!!!!!!

Until next time… #BeVigilant #BeProactive #VOTE


Jimmetta Carpenter 


It’s Almost Drafting Time!!!

So who’s ready to draft an entirely new novel? Me!!! That’s who! I’m spending the vast majority of the week finishing up my outline for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and there’s still so much to get ready. I am so excited because writing on a new novel is my favorite part of writing (well outlining might actually be my favorite but anywho) and it feels like it’s been so long since I’ve worked on a brand new book.

Realistically, it’s only been about six months or so since I finished up my second mystery book but that’s a long time in a writer’s world. Now this book isn’t going to be a mystery, it’s more contemporary women’s fiction, and it deals with childhood trauma, healing, and forgiveness.  I have described the story more in depth over on my YouTube channel and detailing some of my writing process so if you would like to check that out the link is also in the signature.

If any of you are also writers I hope that you are entering in the challenge of doing NaNoWriMo and I hope that you check out the channels on YouTube of so many other writers who are participating and who do live writing streams as well.  It’s a wonderful writing community over there and I hope I see you there! Until next time… #BeProductive #BeMotivated #BeInspired


Jimmetta Carpenter



It’s Not Failing If You Learned Something

As I recently made a video discussing my fourth quarter goals and therein my third quarter failures I felt the need to reiterate the revelation that I make in my video (it will be posted tomorrow if you want to subscribe to my channel to see it when it uploads) here to those of you who might read this.  I like to think that what we would traditionally deem as our failures, we should start thinking of them as lessons.

Something is only a failure if you never learn anything from it. I did not do well with my quarter 3 goals and I held off on making my video about what I wanted my fourth quarter goals to be because I was frankly a bit embarrassed at the complete and utter lack of completion with quarter 3. But as I thought about it more and more I realized that while I didn’t get the things done that I wanted to I learned a lot in the process. I gained more information that I didn’t have before and that I needed. I also did inch forward on the goal, just not the huge strides.

Every lesson learned on the way to your destination is making you better and more prepared to face what’s coming up next and if you understand that, if you have learned the lessons and begin to put them into practice, then you haven’t failed. You only fail if you were too closed off or stubborn or set in your own ways to learn something.

So think about that the next time you’re calling yourself a failure because something you’ve been working hard on didn’t go the way you envisioned. Did you learn something? Did you get the knowledge that you needed to make another go at it and get further along the next time you make your attempt? If the answer is yes, then you haven’t failed. You’ve grown and that’s really all that we can ask for.  Until next time… #BeOpenminded #BeWilling #BeProductive


Jimmetta Carpenter


So About This Thing Called Writing

Writing is hard! Oh I’m not complaining mind you but I just needed to get that out real quick because I think that some people who don’t write for a living believe that writing is super easy. I know this because I get comments from people such as “you don’t have anything to do because all you do is write”, or “oh that’s not so hard, all you have to do is put words on a page”, or possibly the most frustrating of them all specifically in terms of being an editor, “oh you’re only correcting people’s spelling and grammar mistakes which is something you love to do anyway so it shouldn’t be that hard”.  Let me say this! Just because I love to do something and am passionate about doing said thing does not mean that it is easy once that thing then becomes the way that I make my living.

Don’t get me wrong, I chose this (well really, writing chose me but I digress) so I am completely okay with the hard work and dedication that it takes to be a writer and freelance editor and to write full length novels in the effort to have them published.  I am not just aware but rather I take pride in that hard work and dedication. What I take issue with is those who don’t understand that it is in fact hard work and dedication that goes into being a writer, especially a full time writer.

I have people who don’t understand that during November (the month of NaNoWriMo, and really October as well (Prep-Tober) I will not be quite as available for idle chit chat or random nothingness of conversation. It’s not that I don’t love them and perhaps want to talk or catch up but I am serious about my writing and November is one of the only months where I can solely (or mostly anyway) focus on writing my novel and not just on editing other people’s work.

Then I also have people who want me to lower my rates for editing a project for them and then proceed to tell me that the person who edited the first project they had did it for a considerable amount less.  Maybe they charged in a different way (flat rate and not hourly as I charge) but regardless my time is equally as important as theirs and to tell me that it should only take a couple of hours or maybe four to edit something is presumptuous of them as if they are the only project I have and as if I don’t take care in my work and don’t just rush through it. 

So that is my Monday rant for this week and I’m sorry but it was something that I really needed to get off my chest. I hope all of you (well those who are not writers) out there truly understand that writing and/or editing is not easy nor is it something that can be rushed through and the writers and editors that you work with and hire deserve to be paid for their hard work and effort that they put into your project. Now if you are also a writer then I hope that you don’t also find yourself having to explain the time that you spend on your writing and having to rationalize how much your writing services may be worth.  I wish you all well today and everyday.  Until next time… #BeGrateful #BeMindful #BeAppreciative


Jimmetta Carpenter 


It’s That Time Again—A Writer’s Favorite Time of Year

It’s that time of the year again! It’s a writer’s favorite time of year! Well at least it’s the month of Prep for a writer’s favorite time of the year which would be NaNoWriMo!  That’s right, it is Prep-Tober! It’s the month where all the planning either begins or continues in an effort to be as ready as possible to go on day one of National Novel Writing Month.

I am so excited and after the year that 2020 has been, it’s nice to have something to be really excited about. NaNoWriMo is pretty much my Christmas (not to say that I don’t also love Christmas because that is my absolute favorite holiday) and I love everything about, including the pressure that it forces you to put on yourself to finish an entire novel in a month.

When I say pressure I mean good pressure (and yes pressure can be good) because I happen to be one of those weird people who perform even better when under a deadline and nearly impossible time constraints. It kind of makes me push past the limited expectations that I sometimes impose on myself and allow me to see what I can really do because truthfully sometimes I forget. 

I haven’t worked on a brand new novel since last year’s NaNoWriMo and I am beyond excited to get started. Drafting is my absolute favorite part of writing, well second to outlining (I am really detailed with my outlines and they sometimes take longer to write than the actual book) and I’m ready to join all of the live writing streams, and drink an unhealthy amount of coffee (for the purpose of writing of course lol), and get all of these ideas out of my head and finally onto the page.  By the end of November I will have a new book baby and I am so thrilled.

I don’t know how many of you out there will be participating in NaNoWriMo but if you are please let me know and I wish you all the luck. If you want to know what project I’m working on specifically for NaNoWriMo then please feel free to check out my YouTube channel under Author J.C. Carpenter (it’s also linked in the signature below) and if you are on YouTube let me know so I can find you.  With that said I have some planning to go do. Until next time… #BeProductive #BeInspired #BeMotivated


Jimmetta Carpenter 


I Can’t Control What I Can’t Control

The world has gone crazy and everyone is losing their mind. Well not everyone but you get it, you know what’s going on. More recently things have just gotten even more unbearable for the vast majority of people and there are a lot of people who are completely stressed out. I’m not saying that I don’t feel the frustration or the stress and worry but I will say because I have tapped into more spiritual sustenance I am not pulling my hair out (like my sister is lol) and panicking. I stay reading my devotionals and the Bible, praying and talking to God and I know that it sounds a little simplistic but it has been working for me and I feel an incredible sense of peace.

Someone asked me recently how am I not freaking out and going crazy and my response was simply “I can’t control what I can’t control” to which they replied “huh”? Basically there are things that I can control but there are far more things that happen in this world that I just have absolutely no control over. Those are the things that I can’t control and I just am not going to worry and stress about what I have no control over.

When it comes to what is happening in the world of politics right now, which my sister is literally freaking out over and reacting to every news sound bite and news story that comes out about you know who and this election, while I am also worried and concerned for the state of this country I just can’t give that amount of energy to worrying about something in which the only bit of control that I have is to be at the polls on November 3rd (COVID be damned) and stand in line for however long it takes to cast my vote. That is the only thing I can control unless I had any plans on running for some sort of political office (which I don’t).

However, this mantra that I’ve enacted for myself I am now trying to also apply it to my writing as well. I am really hard on myself when it comes to all things writing because I want things to be perfect, or as perfect as possible, and there are so many things that I want to be able to do and I don’t want to have to give up any of the project ideas I’ve had for any reason. That said, when it comes to the ever present procrastination that I have done and am currently doing, it stems from things that I just have no power over.

I hesitate on putting my work out and sometimes stall the process, yeah because I want things to be as perfect as I can possibly make them, but more so because I’m afraid if they are not perfect in the audience’s eyes that they won’t buy my work and I won’t become the success I’ve dreamed of becoming since I was a little girl. The fact is I can’t control whether someone purchases my books or any products I might put out and when they do purchase it I also have no control over whether or not they will like it. If I query to agents and publishers I can’t control whether they will like or buy into my work.

I can’t allow myself to stress about those things any longer because the only thing that worrying about it has done was kept me from actually attempting any of it. People certainly can’t buy my work or products if there are none that are out there to buy. Agents and publishers can’t even have the opportunity to reject or accept my work if they never see it. I have to work hard at the things that are within my grasp to control otherwise I will drive myself crazy, like really crazy, all over what is not in my power to change.

So all of that was to say I know that things are hard right now, and not just in the world of politics but probably in your normal everyday life, with your job or career. Don’t let the fear of what may or may not happen consume you. Don’t let the anxiety that you feel over things that are out of your control, take time away from focusing on the things that you do have control over. Be careful where you put your focus right now and let God take care of those things that make you a little restless. Until next time… #BeMindful #BeOptimistic BeGrateful


Jimmetta Carpenter 


Why Do Old Habits Have to Die?

Wouldn’t it be really nice if we could just balance out all of our habits to work all in one accord with one another? Or am I the only one who, when I further develop good consistent habits in one area other areas begin to suffer? A couple of years ago I had been vigorously working out, consistently and faithfully, and I had been on and off with the habit but around that time I had finally gotten my shit together health wise. I cut out most of the unhealthy foods; I don’t really eat a lot in terms of quantity but I had gotten really good at keeping my diet on track; I even got to the point where it just felt wrong to not go to the gym and work out. But you know what wasn’t as consistent as I wanted it to be then? My writing!

Cut to a couple of years and two car accidents later (one in which I was hit walking across the street by a truck) and my working out has obviously grown stagnant again and my diet, well we’re not even going to get on that (I mean I still eat mostly health but I’ve snuck a lot of the junk snack food back in somehow). I can’t workout as hard as I used to and definitely not everyday like I used to because of the physical issues that stem from the accidents that I keep messing up my recovery from because I’m hard headed and I tend to try to exercise as hard as I used to and then I re-injure myself which delays the healing. It’s frustrating as hell and I was at least going to the gym to do some strength training but then the world shut down and even though the gyms have opened up again I personally don’t feel comfortable going back right now until they get a better handle on COVID.

That said, my writing habit has never been better (well not since I was a college student anyway) and I am continually developing my writing routine to work better and better and trying different methods to determine if there’s routines that work even better for me. Although I have not found a solid writing routine that I can use day after day, I have still been extremely productive and I am absolutely loving the work that I have been able to get accomplished and it’s been wonderful. But again, when one habit is strengthened the other one (working out) seems to fall by the wayside.

Is there some secret to balancing everything so that it all works together? If there is I want to know because it frustrates me to no end to struggle in something so much, finally hit my stride, and then get the other thing I’m struggling in on track only to fall off track with the first thing. I suppose in this case my physical limitations have played a part in my falling off track with the workout but the perfectionist in me just says I need to suck it up and just push harder anyway (until I’m exercising and then my knee or my back will quickly let me know that I’m doing too much).

I suppose that just means that the area that I really need to work on most is the one in which I realize that I am not Superwoman and I can’t do it all and that I can’t just ignore what my body tells me not to do. I suppose balance is all in the hands of the producer (lol). Well that is my Monday rant and I really would like to know what you guys do to find balance in your life with the things that you love to do? Until next time… #BeProductive #BeMotivating #BeInspiring


Jimmetta Carpenter 


Progress Is Still Progress, Right?

So I told you guys that I was doing this writing challenge called the MilWordy challenge (I did a video about the challenge so you can check it out by clicking on this link) right? It is where, simply put, you aim to write a million words in a year. It includes drafting words, outlining words, blog post words, editing and revised words, basically any words for your writing projects except for text and emails. Sounds crazy right?

Well just call me crazy because while I was hesitant at first I jumped on board the MilWordy train soon after getting past the initial shock of just how many words that is. The challenge is from September 1 (of this year obviously lol) until August 31, 2021 and honestly if you think about just how many words can be counted it seems fairly doable but make no mistake I don’t really think that I will get to a million words (but I’m still aiming for it). So then why am I doing this challenge if I already am saying it’s not going to be achieved right? Well because I don’t know unless I try.

Well so far it’s not going all that great (and I mean I haven’t even reached 15,000 words yet) and I have been a little down about it. However, it’s making me realize a thing about myself and that’s that I am very quick to count myself out before I even give something a try. I’m also not nearly as productive as I truly desire to be and while I have my days where I feel super productive, even on those days the productivity is still not enough. Which brings me to the other thing about me that I’ve noticed that I need to work on and that is knowing that progress of any kind, no matter how small, IS ENOUGH.

Now I know that it seems counterproductive to do a million word challenge that heavily relies on productivity when one of the issues I want to address is not beating up on myself for not being productive enough but I promise they go hand in hand (at least for me). Essentially there can still be productivity in the still moments, those moments when your brain is working but nothing comes out on the page so it looks like nothing is being produced but the brain is always at work.

Anyway, I’m getting off track. So the main reason I’m doing this challenge is to become more productive but also to become less critical of myself as well. I’m not saying that I’m going to be that successful at the being less critical part but I have to get to a point where I’m not going to just downplay any productivity I do have because it wasn’t at the level I thought it would be. At some point, the best I can do for any given day will have to be enough.

So what about you? Do you ever have that feeling like your best still might not be good enough? Are there some days where you just want to let things marinate in your brain for a while before putting them out there but that makes you feel like you’re not doing enough? I hope that you will get to that place where what you are able to accomplish, no matter how big or small it is, will make you feel like you’ve done enough. Until next time… #BeConfident #BeBrave #BeDriven


Jimmetta Carpenter 


With the Mountains Comes the Valleys

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.”

~ Psalm 23 (KJV)

I am terrified of heights and yet I still desire to reach the top of the mountain. By that I am specifically speaking of the mountain of success. The thing is that I would really like to skip all of the rock bottom parts of the journey, along with the valleys and pitfalls that you are going to inevitably go through in order to get to the top of said mountain. I basically just want to zip line my way to the top (no, no I don’t because zip lining is extremely high up lol) and say I made it. I mean don’t all of us wish that we could just go from dreaming really big to completing the dream in a nanosecond? But of course that is not the reality that we live in. It is also probably not the best way to be a well rounded human being and serve a purposeful life.

I read something in my devotional the other day that made a really good point that I think we should all try to keep in mind when we start to get frustrated with whatever journey we are on. It referred to Psalms 23 and talked about going through the valley in order to get to the mountaintop. The hard times that we go through are what help to produce even greater results.

God gives us many battles along our path in order to strengthen us for the ultimate purpose that he has for our lives. Those obstacles that we encounter are what will build up the overall strength that we’re going to need once we reach the top of that mountain. Keep in mind that reaching the top of the mountain (i.e. reaching the level of success that you’re aiming for) in no way means that the hard work is done. Often times the hard work is only just beginning once you get into fulfilling your actual purpose. It just shifts into a different kind of work and the goal posts for what you want to accomplish usually changes.

So just remember that those valleys that you (and yes me too) keep trying to avoid walking through, the parts of the path that you keep wishing away, those are the tools that you need for when you reach the top of that mountain. You can’t get to the top of any mountain without first walking your way through the valleys. Until next time… #BeGrateful #BeMindful #BePatient


Jimmetta Carpenter