“Being Held Accountable”

I love the idea of blogging and reading blogs.  Being able to see what other people are going through, other writers in particular, is in some ways therapeutic for me.  It is nice to know that my trials and tribulations are not as bad as they sometimes seem.  I have been working on one novel or another since I was in high school and at the age of twenty eight I still don’t have a finished novel to show for it.  Now I have four poetry books (only one published but not mainstream).  Well this year that will change.  I will finally release my first novel this spring and I am doing it all myself.  I have my own publishing company that I am trying to get off the ground so I am doing all of the work of publishing my book myself, and with no regular job that is not an easy feat.  Right now I am going through the extremely exhausting process of self-publishing my first novel (The Diary: Succession of Lies)  and it is so much more involved with self-publishing than I could have ever imagined.  The writing is done and for the most part so is the editing.  My cover is currently being designed and I already have my block of ISBN #’s so I am in some ways more ready than some would be.  Now the hard part is becoming the monetary part of trying to figure out a way to get the review copies and to actually get the books and the main part would be to try and throw together my book release party which I feel I so deserve for all of my hard work.  I know that my novel is good and I want more than anything to get it out there so the main thing I am focused on at this very moment, aside from pulling the money together, is marketing and trying to promote my book.  I have published an ezine since 2006 called Free Fall and I am now discovering that that can’t be the only thing I use to get my name out there.  That is one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog.  I wanted to get the word out there about me and about my book but I also needed this blog to keep me on track.  I feel as though sometimes I am not being my most productive self and in using this blog to track my progress on the road to becoming a published auther I am certain that it will help me to hold myself accountable.  So anyone reading this can feel free to post comments or ask questions and keep me remaining productive and hold me accountable.  And to all of the writers out there, keep writing.  I’ll write again soon.  Be blessed!


Jimmetta Carpenter

“The Diary: Succession of Lies” (Coming Late Spring)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”









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