Happy Writing!!!

It’s almost here!!! By it I mean National Novel Writing Month.  The month of November is the month when all writers alike get their projects and ideas ready and come November the 1st they start writing.  Now although it does say Novel in the title of the event that does not mean that a person has to actually be working on a novel.  You could choose to do a play or a book on something else that is not necessarily a novel.  My project however is a novel.  I am beginning my third novel and I have already finished the outline which is going to help the writing of my book go a little quicker.  Now I am in the research phase so that I can get the research done before I start the book.  I am excited to be starting this project and just hope that the actual writing part goes smooth throughout the month of November.  Now given the fact that I have school work to do also it is going to make things very challenging but I think that I am up for the challenge.  It is just going to take some more discipline and a few more nights where I just get a little less sleep, a lot little less time on the telephone, and a lot less procrastination.  I made my 50,000 words last year so I believe that I can make my 50,000 words this year as well.  I’m actually a little better prepared this year than I was last year so I believe that I will do just fine.  I just have to make sure that I stay on top of my game.  I hope that all the writers out there take the month of November to focus a large part of their energy on their writing.  Even if it is just a hobby for you, you never know if this just might be the hobby that you could turn into your career.  Try to find a little time in each day during November and just sit down and write because you never know what you’re going to come up with.  Until next time….Be Blessed!!!   


Jimmetta Carpenter

“The Diary: Succession of Lies” (Release Date To Be Announced)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”








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