Don’t Cheat Yourself

I don’t exactly know what seems to be different about this New Year and about the goals and promises that I made to myself but I feel like my mind is focused on what I want and that I am being consistently productive.  I know what I want to happen this year and while I can not control everything such as the outcome of my efforts but I can make sure that I make all of the effort that can possibly make.  Maybe it’s because I am about to hit 30 and I feel like I should be further along in my life right now and instead of crying about it and feeling sorry for myself I am going to do something about it.  I am sending out query letters to literary agents soon for my novel and let the chips fall where they may in concerns to that.  I am also going to begin sending query letters to several magazines for article ideas that I have and just let my work speak for itself.  It’s funny because out of all of the things in my life the one thing that I am most confident in and about is my writing.  I know I am an excellent writer and that I will be a successful novelist so I am wondering to myself why it has taken me so long to finally get up the nerve to have faith that others will see how much of a great writer I am too.  I guess everyone in a sense is a little scared of rejection but they say that you know you’re a writer when you start getting those rejection slips in the mail.  So this year I am going for it, rejection be damned.  I am also starting to plan my move to Connecticut so that I can be in the New York area to start seeking out work there once I have finished my bachelor’s degree.  I would love to be able to afford to actually move to New York but with a child that would be damn near impossible so Connecticut is going to have to do.  Well I have a few projects to go work on and homework to do but I think that everyone should take into account what they have to offer as of this moment and don’t pay attention to what you are not capable of doing as much as what you are capable of doing.  Don’t let what you haven’t mastered yet stop you from putting out there what it is that you have.  In other words, in all aspects of your life, don’t set your own limitations.  The world is full of people that will already do that for you.  Until next time….Be Blessed!!!   

Jimmetta Carpenter

“The Diary: Succession of Lies” (Release Date To Be Announced)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”


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