Time Waits For No One

     It seems no matter what things in life that you push aside and what responsibilities you overlook for the day you never get the time to yourself that you so desperately need and deserve.  It may often seem like our lives have just become a series of tasks to complete rather than moments to enjoy.  But whatever happened to making every moment count?  Did it get replaced with the job, the kids, the housework, the friends and the bills that never go away?  At what point did we abandon our responsibilities to ourselves and our own sanity?  And at what point do we stop and take some time for ourselves without any interruptions?  Have we somehow managed to put our needs on a shelf that we can no longer reach?

     Okay getting a moment to yourself without interruptions may never really happen but in theory it’s certainly something to strive for.  As a mother, and a writer among many other things I find that it always seems like you just never have enough time to do everything it is that you want to do.  But who does.  My problem, however, isn’t knowing how to make time for myself.  I’m the opposite.  I always manage to sneak in a little relaxation or a late night movie with a snack here and there.  My problem is that I tend to feel guilty about the time that I do steal for myself.  I sometimes feel as though I shouldn’t have stopped to take that moment and that there is so much more that I could be doing or writing with that little “break” in time.  But I’ve realized lately that I had the right idea all along and that maybe those little “breaks” in time are what keep me going.

     If I always kept going and never stopped to appreciate what I have and the fact that I made it through yet another day I think that I quite possibly would’ve gone crazy by now.   There’s no sense in feeling like your at your wits end and wanting to pull your hair out if you can avoid all of that by simply stopping to breathe and regain your thoughts.  I often feel like those moments I’ve stolen for myself are one’s that I could’ve used to write something worthwhile but if I hadn’t taken those moments I wouldn’t have had ideas for other stories and other projects and I’d find myself hitting a mental wall more often than not.  When I don’t take the time for myself I begin feeling frustrated, and overwhelmed and I start to loose sight of what’s important to me.  Sometimes I just have to stop doing for a while and just be.

     It’s an odd concept but I sometimes think that people with a full life really have no life at all because they never take the time to enjoy it.  They are consumed with the day to day worries of the children, and the friends, the boyfriend or the spouse, and those ever so popular bills that you think if you give your undivided attention to will somehow go away.  They never just go take a walk and soak up the environment, or go out to eat by themselves to just enjoy their own company.  They are so busy taking care of everything and everyone else that they forget about themselves and just put themselves off until later.  But how long can you really put yourself off?  Taking time for yourself brings a sense of peace, renews your thoughts and taps into that creative energy that you may not even know you possess.  Don’t take time for granted because it tends to fly by when nobody’s looking.  I’m not saying that you should all of a sudden neglect the rest of your responsibilities but while you’re looking after everyone else, who is it that’s supposed to look after you?

Jimmetta Carpenter

The Diary: Succession of Lies (Release Date To Be Announced)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”










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