Sink or Swim?

It’s easy not to see the urgency of a situation when you have a safety net to fall into that will allow you to continually put off or not put much effort into your true calling.  However, when that safety net is stripped away from you with no back up plan and no visible light at the end of the tunnel it forces you to think about what you were really put here to do and why on earth aren’t you doing it.  Sometimes you think you are doing everything you possibly can when in reality, without that plan B, you find that your efforts could have been grander and more fierce.

I always thought that I had been doing enough in my efforts to really jump start my writing career.  I now realize, just as my safety net is being ripped away from me, that there was so much more I could have been doing, and still so much more left for me to do.  I can not for the life of me think of a good reason as to why I wasn’t putting this much fierceness and vigor into making my business thrive before now.  Maybe it was that I was too afraid of it not working.  Maybe what I was really afraid of was the actual success that I know I am entitled to.  Whatever the reason, it’s just not a good enough one.  I have wasted far too much time being under-productive and relying on that safety net that I thought was a sure thing.  I can not dwell on what I can not change but I can change how I do things from here on out.

We sometimes tend to think about everything with that safety net in the back of our minds, thinking that it is always going to be there and that if all else fails, at least we still have that.  Until you don’t.  Without that extra security we are not only forced to jump in the deep end of the pool with blind faith, but we are forced to make ourselves swim to the surface before we drown.  In this world today it is strictly about those that can swim and those that sink.  There is no middle ground.  Being able to tread water and just stay afloat is not enough to make it.  It’s only enough to get by and really how long can we go on just getting by.  We can ask ourselves all different kinds of questions to try and figure out why things in our lives are the way they are or how did they get that way but those questions are irrelevant.  The only question that you need to answer is when you have that safety net pulled from underneath you, are you going to be able to swim or will you inevitably sink?  I don’t plan on drowning when I let go, how about you?

Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Release Date TBA)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”


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