Tips For When Life Knocks You Down

1.  Don’t deny whatever is happening in your life,  It’s not a question of whether or not life is going to hand you a surprise along the way; you will get knocked down.  In a sense you do sometimes have to “fake it until you make it” but don’t fake it so much that you deny what the reality of the situation is.  Facing whatever is really going on is the best step to overcoming it. 

2.  Be honest with yourself about how you got knocked down.  Don’t try to find several reasons or someone else to blame for the position you are in.  When you are honest about what brought you to the place you’re in it makes it a lot easier to pick yourself back up.  Remember that when you are living through excuses, you are designing your life to repeat your wrongs.

3.  Don’t be afraid to ask the right people for help.  The key is asking the “right people.”  When you get knocked down don’t look around you for help; look up and see those who are standing emotionally taller than you.  Reach to them for help.

4.  It is critical for you to find the lesson that goes with the fall.  If you don’t find the lesson, you are bound to repeat the event until you do.  When you are willing to face with honesty what has happened then you will see the reason for the fall and contained within that understanding is the lesson.  When the lesson has been found getting up will be easier.


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