Behind every great movie, television show, or even a song, is a great director, but there’s an even greater writer. While writers do get slightly more recognition than they have in the past, they are still very under-acknowledged throughout the media industry. I wrote this article for Piehole Magazine expressing not only my appreciation for the writers of the industry that I am striving to be a part of, but in frustration that writers are not showcased as they should be.

PIEhole Magazine


There are awards shows for almost every avenue of the arts.  Musicians have awards ceremonies for their accomplishments in the music industry such as the Grammys, the AMAs (American Music Awards), the CMAs (Country Music Awards), the Billboard Awards, and even the MTV Video Music Awards.  Actors and actresses are deservingly acknowledged for their works in film, television (both daytime and primetime), and animated programs with awards shows such as the Golden Globes, the SAG awards (Screen Actors Guild), the Oscars, Emmy’s and the Daytime Emmy Awards.

However, I have noticed there are no award shows for writers.  True enough, writers get slight nods during the Oscars and other awards shows in specialized smaller segments, and that is wonderful.  It is a wonder, with all of the attention paid to the actors, actresses, and singers, that writers get acknowledged at all.  Why don’t writers have an awards show that is all their…

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