In Need of a Special Place to Write

Parisian scenery 2

When I start to think of a special place to be able to write my mind starts to wonder off and think of the places that would be special to me that I can’t really get to right now.  What a dream it would be to sit in a coffee shop or restaurant in New York somewhere (preferably Manhattan) or even on a park bench in Central Park.  Or how wonderful it would be to sit in a café in ParisFrance or to sit somewhere inside the LouvreMuseum and soak up all of the artistic inspiration.  I can even imagine sitting in some Italian villa by the water and taking in the scenery while I let my characters fill the pages with their stories.  Unfortunately, that is not my present reality.

When I was younger I used to be able to write anywhere, no matter what my surroundings were.  I was able to block out all of the outside noise and I would even be able to tune out all of the negativity that was taking place around me.  For hours I would just write and write, and read, and then write again.  It wasn’t so hard then to focus my thoughts and the story ideas that kept creeping their way into my mind.  I didn’t need quiet for concentration (although too much quiet makes me unable to write as well), nor did I need a breathtaking atmosphere.  All I needed was my pen and my notebook and the rest would pretty much take care of itself.  I would really like to get back to that but I am not sure that it is a possibility.

When I am at home, sitting at my desk, there might eventually be some writing that gets done but only if I don’t think about the laundry that needs to be washed, or the dinner that needs to be cooked, or the homework that my daughter needs to finish up, or the homework that I need to finish, or the cleaning that needs to be done, or the groceries that I need to go buy, or the bills that are behind and need to be paid.  After everything else that has to be done in the house I am usually too tired and drained to write.  So where can I go to just sit and write and be productive in getting my work done.

I must admit that I get a lot of writing done sitting in a Starbucks (doesn’t really matter which one) but the problem with that is the aroma of all of the coffee that my budget doesn’t allow me to buy.  It really is torture to sit in a coffee shop and not be able to drink any coffee.  Some would say that there’s always the library but for some reason being surrounded by thousands and thousands of books doesn’t actually make me want to sit and write but rather go pick out books to read.

I need a place to write that allows me to only think about my characters and their story; a place where the words will just flow without a struggle and where I almost can’t stop the words from coming.  For now I’ll just have to make what I have work for me instead of allowing it to work against me.


Jimmetta Carpenter


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4 thoughts on “In Need of a Special Place to Write”

  1. Hello, Jimmetta.

    I didn’t notice the comment button there, I’m glad I finally discovered it.

    I really liked your post since I can relate to it quite a lot. Whenever I want to write I feel the same. That my current environment is just not right and that continuous worrying thoughts circle through my head, distracting me from what I want to do, which is writing.
    What you could do is make short stories, so you can gradually get used to your current environment. If you have trouble doing something I’d suggest you start with simple things. Small sketches, short stories.
    If you convince yourself long enough that you can’t do something, you eventually will lose your initial touch. Have faith in yourself, if you could do it as a child I’m sure you can pick up where you left. 🙂
    What you could do as well is not looking for the perfect place to write, but create it. think about all these wonderful places, then run through the available options at home. If you have a garden with a table you could sit there with a nice cup of coffee to clear your mind in the sun, and write your stories there, or sit next to an open window with a desk.

    I wish you the best of luck with your writing, and what you could always as well which works for me is listening to some soothing music soundtracks to put your mind off things.

    Cheers, Perderder.

  2. I can relate to this! Sometimes, the energy & inspiration to write is so strong I can do it anytime, anyplace. Other times, not so much.

    I hope you can find the perfect writing place! 🙂

  3. Love the post. I, as well, always feel compelled to run to Starbuck’s to write and as well, I get lost in the overwhelming surroundings of books. I do most of my writing at home, set a time and I just do it, gratefully my time allotment spills over as the clock ticks away but I consider those good writing days!

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