Be Good To Yourself

Take care of self first

I have been told that I don’t take care of myself enough. I mean sure I do little things here and there every now and then for me but when the choice comes between something for me and something for my daughter I almost always will put her first, sometimes to my detriment.

Logically I know that taking care of myself better and doing things for myself on a more regular basis enables my child to have a happier mother and to get through to her that taking care of oneself is vitally important. It’s never that I intend to neglect myself but I do feel guilty whenever I choose myself over my daughter.

I think it is important to remember that creativity is fueled by being relaxed and happy and a certain feeling of being free. If we take on too much stress by trying to do everything for the people that we love in our lives, mostly our children, then we run the risk of neglecting our own feelings of happiness and that free-spirit that we creative types are known to have. How can we feel free to create when we are not letting go and allowing ourselves to relax and take care of our own needs from time to time?

I feel like my neglecting myself sometimes hinders my creativity and keeps me from tapping into the deepest level of my potential. So I think maybe I am going to start listening to that inner voice that tells me that I can put myself first sometimes, and those words of wisdom from some friends who have repeatedly told me to be better to myself. Are you taking advantage of your full potential by being kind to yourself? If not, start now. Those important people that you keep putting first, you can’t take care of them without first taking care of you.


Jimmetta Carpenter

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