Even If It Takes a Dozen Coffee Cans I Will Get There

Coffee Can with money

Another nugget of inspiration that I took away from the Elizabeth Gilbert sit down she had with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday was when she talked about everyone needing to make a plan to go on their own quest similar to the one she went on in her Eat, Pray, Love. She expressed that everyone’s quest is naturally going to be different but that if you have a desire to go on your own quest you should not let any manner of obstacle stop you from doing so.

She told a story of a woman whose mother saved $1.00 a day in a coffee can every day for twenty years until all of her children were grown and on their way and she finally could take the trip around the world that she had been looking forward to taking. Elizabeth Gilbert spoke of getting our coffee cans together and even if life prevents us from going on our quest now, we should still start preparing for the moment when we can go on our quest.

I immediately went to my closet and got my coffee can and put a few dollars in there. I have a quest that I definitely want to go on. It was once my plan to have gone on a trip around Europe around my 30th birthday but circumstances and life and motherhood prevented that from happening and four years later I still have not made it to Europe. What Elizabeth Gilbert reminded me of was that just because my trip didn’t happen the way I wanted it, or in the time that I wanted it to, doesn’t mean that it can’t still happen.

I still want my writing vacation trip around Europe so I am putting my plan into place and I have already started my coffee can savings. I think that this gives me even more to look forward to in my life and it fuels me with even more motivation to accomplish all of the dreams that I have in mind to reach in order to be able to allow things like this writing European trip to happen. The journey is always worth taking, even if you have to save a dozen coffee cans to get to your destination.


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