A Time to Rest and Reset

Now that it is May and I have just finished up a month-long writing challenge like Camp NaNo (and a first draft of another book) I am taking the first week of the month to do sort of a rest and reset. The time that we have in this life is precious and yes of course we have to use it wisely to get things done that need to be completed. However, we also have to take the necessary time to recharge as well. We can’t run ourselves ragged and rely on the fumes of leftover energy to get us through. We have to know when to replenish our creative wells. The work doesn’t get done anyway if we have used up all of our drive and have nothing left to give.

I was listening to the message at church yesterday and it was focused on time and how much people waste it complaining about not having enough of it. I realized that I am one of those people. I am always worried that I don’t have enough time to do all of the things that I want to get done and to leave the mark on the world that I want to leave. I didn’t realize until I heard this message yesterday that by complaining about all of the time I don’t have; I was wasting the time that was right in front of me. My pastor said that when you don’t realize that the time you have is good then you end up using the time you have improperly. He said that while our time on this earth may be limited, the impact that we have doesn’t have to be. That hit home and got through my head instantly.

While I am all about working hard to fulfill all of my ambitions, I am also about taking care of yourself and listening to your body and your mind. I had to learn the hard way what pushing your body and your mind too far could do so I don’t do that anymore. I am looking forward to a week where I can just get some much-needed rest and refill my creative well with lots of reading and watching television and brainstorming (I know that sounds like work, but the ideas have to be emptied out of my head at some point lol) and doing some puzzles, playing some video games, and probably most important of all, doing some decluttering.

I am looking forward to recharging my creative battery. I think that to maximize the most out of what we can in this world we have to use our time, not to just work hard, but to also rest very well. I hope that you are taking time to rest well so that your impact on this world can be everlasting.

Until next time… #BeMindful #BeLoving #BePatient

Jimmetta Carpenter


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