The Office That Could Make Me Never Want to Leave

As I prepare for CampNaNoWriMo, which begins April 1st, I start to begin to try and curb all of the excuses that may arise that tend to keep me from sitting down in the chair to write.  The one thing I think that I never seem to be able to get just the way that I want it is my writing area.

See my so-called office (pictured here below) is not really an office but more like a nice corner of my bedroom in which my desk fits really well as well as the mini bookshelves that surround it, and there’s a bulletin board sitting above the desk with list upon list of tasks and projects that need to get done.  Of course there are also pictures of certain places that I want to travel to for inspiration of what I’m working towards.  It’s a nice office for what I have to work with.


This is my not so dreamy office
This is my not so dreamy office

But it’s not my dream office.  My dream office is…well why describe it when I can just show you…


The office I would love to have
The office I would love to have

This is the office that I would love to be able to call mine.  I’ve even started a Pintrest board with all of the different types of offices that I would not mind calling my own.  However the picture above is my overall perfect office.  This office, I could write in and you would probably have to drag me out to come up for air.  What’s your idea of your dream office?


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