Tooting My Own Horn!

Toot my own horn

It’s Friday and as I get prepared to work on quite a few of my projects this weekend as I know a lot of you are as well, I did not want to go into the weekend without updating and promoting some things within Write 2 Be Media and without extending an All Call to all the writers and artists out there who read my blog.  As someone who is constantly working on trying to become a better marketer of my business and my brand it is important for me to have days where the focus is on the sole aspect of marketing and not so much the creativity of writing.

Upcoming Releases

Of course some things that I have mentioned before and that I am still in steady progress of, my ebook series, which is tentatively called “For the Crazy Makers, focusing on motivating and inspiring writers and artists who constantly struggle with their own fear and insecurities which holds them back from following through with their creative goals.  The first book in this ebook series is set to be released this Spring and details on how to get a copy will follow soon.  I also have at least two novel releases that are due out later this year, one being the re-release of my first novel, The Diary: Succession of Lies.  The other novel, titled When Love Calls, will be released soon after.

How Write 2 Be Media Can Help You? 

If you have recently finished your novel and are looking for an editor?  If you are in the editing phase and you’re not sure how to go about getting the promotion started?  If you have a blog that you just don’t have the time to maintain or promote? If you have just launched your business and have yet to create a solid social media marketing platform in order to get noticed?

Write 2 Be Media can help you with those things and much more. To read more about our services just click the “Hire Me” tab to your right or email me at

The Magazine

Write 2 Be Magazine is a magazine is back as of last month and I will be publishing it every month.  You can go check out the latest issue of Write 2 Be Magazine and follow the magazine by clicking on this link or finding the link to the magazine to the right of your screen. You can also check out and like the Write 2 Be Magazine fan page for updates on what’s coming soon for the Magazine.

Now here is where the all call comes in.  Of course a lot of you that read my blog are writers, artists, or photographers.  Well Write 2 Be Magazine is looking for more writers and photographers and artists work to be able to showcase.  We are also looking for authors who would like to be interviewed as well because as I stated in a previous post this week, I love author interviews and I especially love being the one who does them.  So if you have poetry, short stories, articles, artwork and photographs that you want to display, please feel free to email or leave a comment below to inquire more.  If you are an author who would like to do an email interview with me please email me at  Also for anyone who goes and like the Write 2 Be Magazine fan page once you have liked the page you are more than welcome to promote your books, or projects on the page for free.  I look forward to hearing from you and would love to see what some of you are working on!   

 Promoting Others

I would also like to take this time to promote the work of a great photographer. If you are looking for a photographer for your project then please go check out Rashaad Amed McNeil’s page, R&M Photography. He does absolutely amazing work for all of his clients, one of which happens to be LaMonique Hamilton, the CEO and Editor-in-Chief at PIEhole Magazine, a new magazine on the rise. So if you are in need of a photographer and want outstanding results then head on over to his page, R&M Photography, and hit the like button and find out how you can get the best photographer for your next project!

I would also like to promote Next Up Media Consulting, Inc. Founder and CEO Jocelynn Drawhorn, also a freelance photographer and the social media coordinator of WEEN (the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network), launched this company with the intention and purpose of helping to shape the innovative brands of the future.  Next Up Media Consulting, Inc. provides services such as copywriting, resume, and interview services.  Contact them today for a consultation!

I hope all of you out there are working hard on your projects and that they are moving forward.  Have a blessed weekend and hustle hard!


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