The Perfect Retreat

I have always wanted to go on a writer’s retreat and had hoped to one day just be able to get away, even just for a weekend, and do nothing but write.  Often times I think that a weekend away writing, with no phone, no T.V. (okay maybe not no T.V. at all), and more importantly no child.  I thought maybe that I would want to do one of those group writing retreats but I think that that is probably not the right direction for me.  That would provide yet another distraction, a group of people to talk to.

I’m sure everyone has their own idea of what their perfect writer’s retreat would be.  It probably would involve some cabin in the woods or a luxurious resort tucked away on some remote island somewhere.  All of that sounds nice but for me I think I know what the perfect retreat would be for me (and it might sound like the opposite of retreating).  I want to go to New York, book a luxurious hotel suite in a room that overlooks the view of Manhattan.

View of Manhattan from a Penthouse_2

I know that New   York is said to be noisy and busy and most likely what most people want to get away from when they think of the word retreat.  I think it might just be because I have never been to New York and ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of going there and living there and forming my writing career there and it just hasn’t happened yet (I’m not completely giving up hope on that).  I can’t seem to get there and at this point going would probably seem like a vacation.

People warn me away from New York like it is the worst place to be but then again those people usually aren’t writers.  They also don’t typically appreciate the views and the life that New York has to offer a writer who wants to be immersed in the artistic world.  For just one weekend I would like to go to the city that never sleeps, that has been my visual inspiration for a lot of my projects that have yet to be started, and that has been calling me since I was a little girl.  That would be my perfect writing retreat.  What’s your idea of the perfect retreat?


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