Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something !

When you hold a mirror up to your life do you ever feel the need to ask yourself, what exactly was it that you were waiting for?  Sometimes people get so caught up in what their dreams are that they tend to forget that they aren’t going to come true without the action necessary to make it happen.  We make excuses from having too many goals and not enough motivation, to lack of time and no financial means but all of those excuses are just utter procrastination.  At some point we have to stop making excuses of why we can’t do something and strive to find the reasons why we can.

I’ve had a rough draft of my life plan pretty much since before I was in high school but of course along the way that plan has been edited and re-edited.  Now, as I have made a commitment towards accomplishing my dreams, I realized that I myself have turned into the Queen of procrastination.  Somewhere along the path of trying to attain all of my dreams I began to sit down and just wait for them to happen on their own.  I managed to mask it as being patient but it was just simply me slacking off and becoming lazy and it made me want to get up and do something about the life I say that I want to have.

I’ll admit that although I know where I slacked off I am still guilty of letting my own self judgment distract me from my dreams.  A large part of why people continually procrastinate is that too often we listen to the critic we have within ourselves.  That, coupled with the fear that they will either fail, or even worse, that they will actually succeed is a scary thought.  We can’t let our self doubt overshadow our lives and keep us from moving forward.

We all at some point wish that there was a button that we could push at any time to reset our lives back to the point where we feel we slacked off.  But life doesn’t come with do-overs.  To me life is about succeeding and succeeding requires that we do something.  The longer we just sit there and watch as life happens the less control we have on where our life goes.  We can’t take time for granted and keep thinking that we have time left to do what we want to do.  We have to make every second count and appreciate life for all it’s worth.  Sitting around just isn’t an option anymore. 

Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Release Date TBA)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”


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