Getting Over The Hurdle

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.”

Often times, things happen to us in our lives that we don’t understand the reasoning for. We go through so many hoops and have to jump over so many hurdles that we sometimes just want to stop dead in our tracks and ask, why. Why is all of this is happening to me? We profess to ourselves and anyone else who will listen that we just can’t take another step because it is all too much. Yet even after making such a statement we continue to take one step at a time and finally manage to make it to our destination. So why do we even waste all of that time being bitter over what obstacles we had to go through?

The trials that we go through in life are so often frowned upon and griped over that we sometimes miss the bigger picture of it all. We don’t want to see these trials as the blessings that they truly are. Instead we let them become our excuses to not do better for ourselves and excuses for not being in the place we feel we should be. That job that you lost, and moped over for six months of your life, could very well be the opportunity that you needed. Had you not lost that job, which you hated to go to anyway, you may have not found that extra motivation to start the business you’ve been longing to start for years. You may have still been stuck in a job that you hated for twenty years, never actually pursuing what your dream really is. The illness that you have just overcome and that you are so depressed over because it took a year off the plans that you were headed towards. Instead of looking at it as a curse that happened to you and that derailed you, try looking at it as a blessing that opened up your eyes. Now that you have overcome that obstacle, you are more aware of just how precious actually living your life is and you can allow yourself to be more motivated to stay on that path to your dreams.

So many dreams die because of a person who stops cold at every single obstacle that appears to get in their way. They are not seeing the obstacle for what it really is; a test of their determination, and their passion. Obstacles are not placed into our lives simply just to get in our way. There is always a reason, and there is always a lesson that is being taught. The challenge is in understanding what the lesson is and figuring out how we can learn from it. If we don’t learn from the obstacles and struggles that plague us, then we are destined to repeat the same struggles over and over again.

 It took a long time for me to realize that it really is true that what ever I go through that doesn’t kill me will in fact only make me stronger. I still do the griping about why this and that is happening to me right after I have just struggled with something else. However, even though I feel that I sometimes can’t make it through those moments that feel like every thing is stacked up against me, I somehow manage to come out on the other side of things in one piece and I can still see my dream right there waiting for me. My obstacles will not become my downfall and they will not be the end of my dreams. At the end of all the struggling, there will be a lesson to be learned and in learning that lesson comes the blessings that you would never have seen had you stopped dead at that hurdle instead of jumping over it.

Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Coming September 2010)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”



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