Announcing My Debut Novel…The Diary: Succession of Lies

Announcing the Release of

The Diary: Succession of Lies

by Jaycee Durant

Dear All,

It has been a long time coming but it’s finally here.  My debut Novel, The Diary: Succession of Lies, is now released online and will be in stores soon so please support me by checking out the information below and clicking on any one of the links to purchase your very own copy.  

Much love and blessings.

What if you discovered that the sins of your mother’s past will forever haunt your future? That finding out the secrets that she took to her grave would turn your life upside down? 

To the rest of the world Corynn Hayes was a brilliant writer and entrepreneur. To Karlee Jones, she was not only a mother but a best friend. Until Corynn’s unexpected death, Karlee thought that she knew everything there was to know about her mother.  Then  Karlee receives her mother’s diary as a farewell gift. The depth of the secrets within those pages end up devastating Karlee, forever changing the memory of her mother and of everything she thought to be true.        

The Diary: Succession of Lies is a novel that exposes the secret life of a mistress. It is a tale of love, lust, loss, and redemption as well as the trials of two generations of women. The Diary takes a new spin on the mistress image, a woman often vilified throughout literature as a harlot and a home wrecker. It tackles several questions. Why does a mistress stay? Is love possible in such a taboo relationship? Is love enough to endure the consequences that come later?   

Jimmetta Carpenter, writing as Jaycee Durant, is the editor of the Free Fall Literary Ezine and Spoken Like a Queen. She also has a volume of poetry, The Art of Love, available at published under the pseudonym Gemini.

Purchase your very own copy online today by clicking on one of the links below

Hope to get your support.


 Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”


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