Are you living up to your purpose?

Tips on working to fulfill your purpose 

  • Focus on your potential– Begin by making a complete assessment of yourself.  Take a mental inventory of your talents and the things that you do well. 
  • Find your strengths– Focusing on what your strengths are is important.  There may be things that you are good at and do well but they are not your strong point.  It is important to know the difference in something that you do well and what you are strong at doing. 
  • Setting Goals– Setting goals for yourself must involve you being realistic.  Only set goals that you first, want to actually achieve, and second, that are possible for you to achieve.  Setting the impossible goals only makes you frustrated when you don’t accomplish them. 
  • Powerful Visualization– Get into the habit of visualizing your success.  Don’t just sit around and daydream about getting where you need to be in life, actually get there.  You need to visualize the specifics of exactly what it is that you want and what it will take to get there.  
  • Improve Your Level of Efficiency– To develop your full potential becoming a more efficient person and getting more done in less time so that you can take advantage of the opportunities that you make for yourself is key.   
  • You have to beat procrastination– The first step in beating procrastination is to admit to yourself how often you do it and assess your methods of doing it.  Also planning ahead and becoming more organized also helps with procrastination.

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