It’s Get Organized Monday

I don’t know about most of you but Monday is the day that I set my goals that I want to achieve for the week (well really, it’s Sunday night but it’s in preparation for Monday).  Putting together a to-do list for the week gives me motivation to really be proactive and achieve the things on that list.  Here are some tips that maybe you could use to jump start your week.


  • Set realistic goals for yourself– Your goals must be realistic for you to achieve for long term sustainability. Clarify what has the highest priority and what are the things that absolutely must get accomplished in order to make your goals attainable (and by attainable I mean you know that if you make a two page list of things to do, more than likely everything will not get done).
  • Break it down– Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you expect things to happen overnight then you are setting yourself up for failure. Focus on breaking down your goals and take the small but important steps to achieve them. You’ll be amazed at how much motivation can come from doing such a simple action.
  • Monitor your progress– Be open and aware to what is happening. Always keep your goals in sight and monitor your progress toward them. Regular monitoring provides you with the guideposts to keep you on track.
  • Learn from your experiences– Always approach your goals with the aim of learning and developing. If you can learn from your experiences then your results will be much more rewarding and sustainable. Keep asking yourself what works for you and align your actions with the answer.
  • Reflect and Reward– When you achieve your goals, or even the little milestones on the way, make sure you reflect on your experiences and draw out the positive aspects you learned from them. Plan your rewards when you set your goals and go for it and if by the end of the week you have achieved even just half of your list celebrate the accomplishments instead of dwelling on what tasks didn’t get accomplished.  It doesn’t mean that the goals you set were not attainable, just sometimes life happens and things don’t get done.  Whatever you didn’t get to this week can just be placed on next week’s list.  

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