Are your regrets holding you back?

Tips on how to live without regrets 

  • Make a list of your aspirations- This makes your goals more real and tangible.  Putting it down on paper makes it easier for you to visualize them becoming a reality.
  • Build yourself up- As you begin to check off those goals and aspirations from your list acknowledge to yourself what it is that you’ve accomplished.  Celebrate your completed steps toward success.
  • Keep yourself anchored- Keep little visual reminders around you of what it is you want out of life and what your priorities are.  Use your anchors (visual reminders) to help you continue to aim high in all that you do.
  • Be Grateful- Remember that whatever situation you are in there is someone out there that has it worse and that has to work through more of a battle to get where they’re going then you do.  So be thankful for the life you have.
  • Always Treasure your time- Realize that achieving your goals should be rewarding every step of the way and not just when you get to the end.  Make sure that when you are mapping out your future that you are also relishing in your present.  Nothing causes more regret then letting the good times slip away.
  • Always find a way to learn something- There is a lesson in everything.  Both your accomplishments and your failures hold lessons that you should be able to take something away from.  Pay attention, look around, and learn from what you see.  Also learn from the experience of others around you.

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