Are you too afraid to take a chance?

No one ever gets anywhere in life by resolving to never step out of their comfort zone.  So today think of all of the risks that you are afraid to take and all of the opportunities that you are afraid to make the changes for and take a leap of faith.  Nothing can ever change unless you change it. 


Tips on becoming less resistant to change 

  • Learn the power of saying YES!– anytime someone ask you to do something instead of being so quick to say no try saying yes every time (unless it’s illegal or something) 
  • Try one new thing each week – make it something that ordinarily you would never do 
  • Ask yourself “What is the worst that could Happen” – remember that nothing beats a failure but a try 
  • Exercise Mindfulness– When there’s something that you are scared to try or in fear of identify with it and acknowledge that it’s there.  Face it head on. 
  • Realize that you are not perfect– If you try something new and it doesn’t work out just the way you wanted it to don’t get discouraged from trying other things that might work.  Mistakes happen.

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