NaNoWriMo Day 6: Starbucks really does work wonders!

Okay so I am at good ole Starbucks, drinking coffee that is probably way too high in calories but I got the job done for the day.  I thought about the possibility of making this an everyday ritual or at least a ritual for every weekend but that could become way too costly and I already can’t afford the coffee I bought today.  Yes another one of those rewards (just one given before the actual words were met for the day).  Nevertheless, I wrote 1,700 words today which brings my total word count to 10,418 thus far.  And what’s more is that my story seems to be flowing along beautifully.  I am possibly having the best NaNoWriMo experience that I’ve had since beginning this process four years ago.  I have not gotten stuck and my story hasn’t started to drag and I am grateful for that (hoping I haven’t jinxed myself).  Tomorrow begins the early morning wake up sessions again for the week.  I think Mackenzie might have a very complicated time this coming week.  She’s about to be put through a lot.  Stay tuned!  Until tomorrow…Enjoy how far you’ve gotten so far and keep going! 


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”


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