NaNoWriMo Day 10: The Toll of our Sacrifices

Okay the early morning writing sessions are starting to take their toll on me.  I am beginning to nod off at the keyboard while writing.  My story isn’t slowing down, but that hour and a half earlier that I wake up every morning, that hour and a half of sleep that I am losing, is beginning to catch up with me.  Nevertheless, November is not over yet and I must press on.  This novel is not going to exactly write itself so it’s just a sacrifice I’m going to have to make.  But we writers often make lots of sacrifices for the sake of our craft.  There are some people that literally rearrange their whole routine during this month to write their novels and some people that lose a lot more sleep than an hour or so.  They plan out simple, uncomplicated meals that don’t take up time that could be better spent writing, or they just buy T.V. dinners to fix during that month.  

I think that sometimes people don’t realize what us writers go through and sacrifice just to put the words to paper and construct a story worthy enough of getting published, and interesting enough to get the readers attention.  The books that people are so eager to buy from the stores or online take time and a lot of effort.   But those same eager people are the one’s who just dismiss what we do and say that writing isn’t real work.  I guess I say all of this because I have confronted by quite a few people lately that just shrug off my craft as just a simple hobby or something that everything else can be worked around.  I see it as my work, my gift, my purpose, and something that everything else in my life (except my daughter) will have to be worked around.  

Well I suppose I should get back to strategizing for tomorrow’s writing session.  I like to prep for where I’m going next.  Although sometimes where I intend to go in the story one day changes by the time I sit down the next morning but I at least try to be prepared.  For all of you writer’s out there making huge sacrifices to be able to complete your novels this month, know that there are others doing the same thing and that your efforts do not go unappreciated.  Until next time…Endure the sacrifice for right now to better enjoy the product that is yet to come! 


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 10: The Toll of our Sacrifices”

  1. Nice to meet a fellow writer; I have two published novels behind me, and sometimes wonder if my blog posts are the beginnings of a third. I like to think not, as that keeps me writing without feeling overwhelmed by THE novel. But writing sessions in the morning used to be my best time, though that was pre-children…:)) I would follow you but see nothing by the email feed…?

    1. Hi Sandra,

      It’s on the side of the page where it says click to subscribe and you just click on the button that says sign me up! Hope that you still decide to follow. I will be checking out your blog as well. Thanks again for stopping by!

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