Everyone’s Path is Different

Okay I know I should be typing away, working on the next chapter in my novel, or beginning to outline the next novel, or something of the creative nature.  But it’s Sunday and I tend to get a little relaxed on this particular day of the week.  I happened to get caught up in watching a marathon of this TV show called Life After which focuses on certain celebrities who were really popular and just seemingly fell off the map.  

It was interesting because as someone who intends to be involved in every aspect of the arts (because my talents are not limited to just writing) and the media culture I like to see the people who have done it before and done it successfully and some who haven’t.  I also like to discover that the perception that I’ve had of some of these actresses, actors, and singers have not been accurate.  I like discovering that some of these entertainers are not the diva’s or jerks that they came off as, and to top that off, that some of them were actually really smart and successful business minded people.  They do what they are good at and they have created empires out of their talent.  This is something that I aspire to do as well.  

I have always wondered what it would have been like if I had a mother who was supportive of all of my talents (in addition to writing, I can act and sing) and artistic endeavors.  Would I have been able to become the childhood star that I sometimes daydreamed about becoming?  I look at some of the stars that were those childhood entertainers and how it seemed to have hindered them more-so than help them, and wonder would that have been my fate too.  Although there are those stars who were childhood stars and are still rising today.  I suppose no one ever really knows what could have been.  

Watching the show Life After today, whereas in the past, I might have envied them and their success at such an early age, today I was just reminded that everyone’s path is paved a certain way for many reasons.  I walked the path that I was meant to walk and I will have my turn and I will have the chance to follow the lessons of those who have maintained their success as well as gain knowledge in where others may have fallen short.  See television can be very inspiring in many different ways.  Until tomorrow…What’s inspiring you today? 


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”







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