Even When No One Is Looking

So I didn’t necessarily feel like blogging today but I’ve already taken a two day break over the Christmas holiday and I didn’t want to risk missing anymore.  I was having trouble figuring out what to write about today and I found that I wasn’t feeling all that motivated because I took a look at the stats of my blog and saw that there weren’t that many people reading what I had to say to begin with.  I think I need for my best friend Ms. L. to share her secrets with me because she can go from having a bad blog day to a good blog day in a matter of minutes with just one post.  Maybe it’s just not my blog moment yet. I guess that I just have to wait my turn in that area too.  It feels like I always seem to be waiting for my turn at something.  Well they say that the best things come to those who wait and since I don’t plan on ever giving up on writing, I guess I’ll just keep on blogging and writing my novels and doing whatever else my journey as a writer brings to me even if no one is looking (or in this case reading).  Until tomorrow…Always do what you love doing whether people are watching or not!


Jimmetta Carpenter


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4 thoughts on “Even When No One Is Looking”

  1. I’ve found networking is a great way to increase your stats. Find a few great blogs with lots of traffic. Follow them and comment. Often those comments will lead to visits to your blog. Make your name a regular thing for people. Hosting a give-away is also a great way to gain subscribers and if you show up in people’s inboxes they are much more likely to read.

  2. Hi, Jimmetta:

    From reading your About page, it sounds like you’ve accomplished a lot! I restarted my writing life this year and created a writer’s blog to share with others what I learn on the journey. The advice I get from seasoned bloggers is “Keep writing,” “Write regularly,” and “Get known in the blogging community.” I share my stories in a second blog so that I can get used to strangers reading my writing. It’s a new adventure that I’m enjoying, though it’s tough with a full-time job. But I’ll take your advice and keep writing “… whether people are watching or not”!

  3. LOL…the only “secret” I have is what you have posted. Keep writing, keep commenting to let other bloggers know you appreciate their posts, and keep writing. Oh, and keep writing 🙂

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