And the Lucky Winner Is…Not Me!

Okay so I am sad to announce that I did not win the big mega millions lottery pot this past weekend and I along with millions of other people in the world am saddened by it.  Of course it might have helped my odds if I had actually played the lottery.  I do wonder what the lucky winners are going to do with their newfound wealth.  I can only imagine what I could and would do with that kind of money.  

Actually Ms. L. and I were going over our individual lists of what our newfound wealth could’ve brought us if it had been one of us who won.  Of course there were the obvious things on our lists like getting some of the little things for ourselves that we as single mothers whose first priorities are our children can not get at this very moment.  Then there are the college funds that are a must to have for our children to be able to go to college wherever they chose to go and not have to worry about money.  

There are the trips that I have been dying to take (there aren’t too many places Ms. L. hasn’t been already) and the house and car that I would buy outright if I had the money so that I wouldn’t have a mortgage or a car note.  The big thing, I think for the both of us, is to be able to fully fund our businesses.  To have the money to put into the business you are trying to grow without having to ration out just how much goes in this or that part of the business is a feeling that would be priceless.  

Building my business would allow me to sow those riches right back in my purpose and have it to continue to keep growing my wealth (not just monetary wealth) and enable me to become completely self sufficient.  I would feel such peace knowing that my business will fully provide for me and my daughter the way I’d always imagined it would.  There are other things that I would love to do with millions of dollars (if I had it).  I have a few select foundations that I would love to donate money to, and a foundation of my own that I would like to start (to help with the fight against bullying).  

But unfortunately, I did not win the lottery and my list will just have collect a little bit more dust.  I wonder what all of you would do with millions of dollars.  Have you ever thought about the changes that you could make in this world with that kind of blessing?  If you haven’t thought about it I think you should (especially all of you who play the lottery on a daily basis).  You could be the next big winner!


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”


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