There Can Be No Victory Without Having Something to Defeat

“Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat.”

~Malcolm S. Forbes 

This morning I read Ms. L.’s latest blog post and it got me thinking about how we tend to only want to talk about positive things and spare others from the bad (or at least from so much of the bad).  I myself sometimes feel as if when I post I tend to zero in on the problems and that the positive spin that I try to put on certain struggles I deal with and doubts and fears that I have are just not positive enough.  

In reading Ms. L.’s post it dawned on me that we all love when we hear the feel-good stories but I’m not sure that we realize that the reason we love them so much is because of the struggle that they come from.  We like to hear about the things that people overcome and how hard people have to fight to get where it is that they want to be in life and we applaud the victory on the other side of their struggles.  It gives us a sense of hope for our own situations.  

We can’t always put a positive spin on things that happen in our lives.  Sometimes we just have to tell it like it is and hope that others can take something positive away from whatever it is that we are going through.  There are always lessons to be learned from the experiences that we go through and sometimes the silver lining just doesn’t show up until after the storm clouds are gone. 

However, we still have to fight our way through the storm clouds, and not only that, we have to share our fight.  We have to use our struggles to equip others with the necessary tools that they may not even realize they already have so they can weather the storms too.  There are silver linings to everything, but Ms. L. is right when she points out that those silver linings don’t really mean much without the clouds that you had to go through to get there.     


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”


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