NaNoWriMo Day # 9: The Deeper the Character the Better the Story?

Perhaps by now you are discovering that there is more to your characters then you initially had thought there would be.  Maybe in your outline you didn’t think it necessary to go into grave detail about every aspect of your character’s personality or description.  If you are looking for ways to further develop your character try using a few of these suggestions to bring them to life:

1)      Create an online profile for your character(s).  Think about just how detailed you have to be with an online profile and how much more developed this would make your characters.

2)      Get a poster board.  Visualize your character in your mind and perhaps clip pictures out of magazines of people that resemble what you want your character to look like.  Clip out material possessions that your character owns such as cars, types of clothing that they wear (example of their style of dress), house that they live in, pets that they have.  Clip out pictures of the kind of lifestyle that they exhibit and perhaps items that symbolize what their career is.  Having that visual board in front of you as you write about your character(s) everyday can help give you more insight into your character as you continue your novel.

3)      Talk about your characters to the people you share your story with as if they are real people.  The more real you make them in your mind, the more real they will come out to be in your novel as you write it.  Yes they may think that you are a little nutty but if they are writers as well then they will understand all too well the lengths that writers have to go to in order to make their characters and their story believable.

4)      Create a separate blog for your story and its characters.  This not only help you to better develop those characters but it also gets other readers interested in your story and invested in the characters of that story.  This can provide an immediate response to your characters and let you know whether readers feel anger towards your character or empathy for your character, or whether your characters are even likeable enough.

Hopefully some of these ideas for character development can allow you to get an even deeper sense of who your characters really are and what story they really want you to convey for them.  I have an idea or two that I am planning to use for the development on my next novel.  Happy Writing!

Jimmetta Carpenter


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2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day # 9: The Deeper the Character the Better the Story?”

  1. I love all of these suggestions minus one. Running multiple blogs is borderline insanity. Kristen Lamb straight up calls it insanity. But to those few individuals who manage it, I admire you, but man… One blog is tough enough…

    But I’ve really got to second, third, fourth this idea of collecting pictures of what your characters look like. When you can look at something tangible for awhile you’re brain brings it new ways to describe them and new things to think about. I quadruple recommend following this advice! Thanks for posting it!

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