If Only I Could Have It All…Time That Is

I don’t think this is the first time I’ve mentioned this but I have extreme issues with time management.  With me and my writing there isn’t a problem with having enough ideas, I have plenty of those (too many in fact).  There isn’t necessarily a problem with drive and determination, I have tons of that.  There is, however, a serious mismanagement of time.  It isn’t always that I don’t have enough time either (although it certainly feels that way), but rather that I don’t think that I am doing the right things with my time.

I know what you’re thinking.  If you know that then it should be easy to fix, right.  Well you know what they say.  Some things are just easier said then done.  I get trapped by the normal time traps that I’m sure trap everyone from time to time; checking emails, checking facebook (both my personal page and the Write 2 Be fan page-seriously for networking purposes mostly), watching TV (especially the shows that inspire further creativity), and just the everyday mom stuff.

It’s not that I don’t get any work done, I do, but I haven’t gotten back to my novel in months and I miss it.  I miss that side of my writing and it’s not as if I don’t want to finish my novel, I just can’t seem to find the time.  At least it always feels that way.  I know it should be a simple solution but rarely will the things that seem simple ever actually be simple.  So I thought of a few things that I could possibly do to improve my time issues as it pertains to my writing.

1.)    Cut out some of my TV time— Okay not necessarily just completely ignore all of the shows I love and can’t stand to miss.  But perhaps I could block out a chunk of time for my writing that can not be interrupted by the television and just DVR those shows that I can’t miss (after all what else do I have DVR for).  That way I can also have that set time where I’m relaxing and catching up on all of the TV that I missed while writing.

2.)    Not check my emails every thirty minutes— Seriously, what am I really going to miss in thirty minutes.  I just need to set three times in a day that I can check my emails.  There probably won’t be a crucially urgent email in there that can’t wait to be read.

3.)    Not try to make everything perfect—Nothing is perfect and you would think that I would have realized this already.  A large part of what takes up the time that I do spend writing is stressing about whether everything that I produced is perfect or not.  Nothing comes of trying to make things 100% perfect except for a lot of wasted time and missed writing assignments.  Perfection is, after all, overrated.

4.)    Map out a schedule—I know all of the projects that I need to work on, and I know all of the marketing that I need to do to further promote myself, now I just need to set certain time periods to work on certain projects.  That way, if I set a specific timeline to work on a project then I know I have that allotted amount of time to work on that project and that project only.  This way I can make absolute sure that something gets worked on.  It’s more efficient then what I am doing now which is just working in whatever I can whenever I can.

Hopefully if I begin practicing some of these tips I will be able to finish my novel and move and perhaps even start the next one.  Maybe some of these tips can also work for someone else out there who is struggling with actually producing the amount of work they know they should be getting out.  After all, time doesn’t stand still and we can’t keep wasting it by not having a plan of how best to use it.


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