Has Your Big Idea Escaped You?

Have you ever had that one idea that has stayed in the back of your mind for years and that for one reason or another you just never brought to a reality?  I’ve had this business idea for a while now (I’ll share what it is at another point in time), something that will help to further my brand and that writers and book lovers everywhere would love, and something that could help to add to my income.

I was really excited about it when I first thought of it and in many ways I still am but what dimmed my excitement a little is the fact that I started to put all of the negatives I have going against me into play.  For this idea I would need a business loan, and for that business loan I probably would need better credit.  Those are the two biggest things stopping me from going ahead with my idea but there are other things too, such as will people actually like it, would they come to it, would I really make as much income as I think it has the potential to bring, will I market it right, and mostly what if I screw it all up somehow.

My best friend, Ms. L. told me the other day that I shouldn’t let those negative stop me and that it is an idea worth going after (and if you knew her you would know she will let you know when something is a bad idea) and that I should go for it.  I’m excited about the idea again just envisioning it in my head but I am still a little worried about all of the barriers that can present themselves.

Is there a point where you should just know that something is outside of the realm of possibility?  Or is there nothing that is outside of the realm of possibility unless you deem it that way?  Do you have any big ideas that your internal barriers are keeping you from going after?


Jimmetta Carpenter


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1 thought on “Has Your Big Idea Escaped You?”

  1. I hope you have a belief in your own ability to succeed. You seem to have moxie, Jimmetta. You developed an idea that you feel will be successful. So start tidying up your personal accounts ASAP. Do a survey on your idea to see if it will generate income. Stop wasting valuable time. Just to do it. Good luck!

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