Make the Choice to Invest in Your Own Dreams

I was having a conversation with someone last week about purchasing a graphic design program for my creative endeavors after the free trial that I am currently using runs out. Their response was to ask me why would I do that, it’s too much money to spend monthly and why wouldn’t I just find another program that has a free trial run? I thought about what they said for just one second and then my response to them was “it’s an investment in myself and if I’m not going to make the investment in me than how can I expect anyone else to” 

Now I assure you that this has not always been my way of thinking. I am cheap and when it comes to whether I can get something free verses having to pay for it, I used to be the person that would take the sub par free item over just paying for the product that I really wanted, in which case I usually regretted later.  Now I still like to get things on a budget but with age comes wisdom and thus the understanding that when creating products for people to consume or putting books out that I have to be willing to put my money where my belief is.

If I believe in myself (and I absolutely do) then I have to be the first one to show that I believe in me. Otherwise how can I really expect anyone else to put their belief in me?  The saying you get what you pay for comes to mind because things that are of good quality aren’t free or they surely won’t stay free for long and sometimes going with something that seems practical is not necessarily the better choice. 

I am re-releasing my first novel, under my company (finally) in August and I have two poetry books that will be coming out soon after that as well and there are things that need to be done concerning these releases that will require me to further be willing to invest in myself. I also have products that I’ve created for writers (and bookish people in general) that I have to invest in as well because I want people to like the products that I put out there.

It’s hard, when you’re not overwhelmingly rich, to be able to invest in everything that is needed, at least all at once. I believe in my dreams and I believe in the message that I put out there to the world so it’s not a choice in my eyes. To those that would argue that I’m investing in something that I don’t even know people will want to buy but my counter to that is well if I don’t put the best possible product out there, if I don’t invest what needs to be invested, then it won’t be out there for people to even consider. No one can buy what hasn’t been put out yet. When you are passionate about something and when it’s your dream and you’ve been working towards it for a really long time then isn’t the investment worth it? Take the time to invest in yourself and in the things that you are passionate about. I promise you that it will all be worth it in the end.

Until next time… #BeGrateful #BeMindful #BePersistent 


Jimmetta Carpenter 


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Be Grateful Standing In Your Present

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“You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.”


The news has been really heavy lately and it feels like if there isn’t one thing then it’s another and you might think that it would make me less optimistic and less hopeful. You would be wrong. I used to think that it was a load of crap when people said that if you get your spiritual walk in life on track then everything else will fall into place. I just didn’t think that it could be as simple as being consistent with my daily devotionals and daily spiritual motivation along with my long and extended daily talks with God plus a healthy dose of manifesting the life I want. I, as usual, found that I was wrong.

In a time where things are definitely not certain and the world is at its highest level of chaos that I’ve seen since probably 9-11, I have to say that I have never felt more at peace in my life. And it’s not that I have anything figured out (because I assure you that I do not) and it’s not that I have become suddenly successful and have stepped into complete financial security either (because that definitely has not happened yet). I can only say that my peace comes from knowing that God already has everything worked out for me in whatever way he needs for it to happen in order for me to fulfill the purpose I am here to fulfill. 

I heard the above quote from a young lady who auditioned for America’s Got Talent and who is currently suffering with a terminal cancer in which she was told that she only has a 2% chance of survival and her attitude about it was that “hey it’s not 0% and I’m going to live while I can” and I loved her outlook.  She basically pointed out that you can’t just keep waiting for the day things get better because they might not and then what.

It’s the same when you are working towards accomplishing your dreams the way I have been aggressively doing so (and sometimes not as aggressive as necessary) for what feels like forever now. There are good days when I seem right on the cusp of something big about to happen and then other days where I am acutely aware of how far away my goals truly are. It doesn’t matter how many bad days I have, I can’t just give up and stop now. I can’t just throw in the towel on my dreams because of the hard days that I have along the journey.

The way I see it (or at least how I see it now that I have grown and matured lol) is that the hard days are going to be so worth it when I reach the actual goal. And even then, I’m just going to create another goal and extend the journey. As long as you are given another day to breathe on this earth you have to be grateful for each day that you get and be happy no matter how hard the day was because you are here, and you are present, and God is giving you another chance each day he wakes you up. Don’t squander the time you have here by dwelling on how hard the day may be. Be thankful that you are alive to get through the tough days so that you can better enjoy the good ones that are surely to come.

Until next time…#BeBold #BePresent #BeGrateful

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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Trust In His Plans and His Timing

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11

This may shock you but I am not an optimistic person by nature.  It is my natural inclination to always be waiting for the other shoe to drop, for bad luck to strike, just for something to go wrong on a grand scale.  I had a traumatic childhood with virtually no one who was supportive of anything I wanted to do except for the few friends that I had, the few people that didn’t bully me and make my life miserable at school too. So when I say I have come a long way in how I see things, on my shift in perspectives, I am not being melodramatic or overstating things. For a long time I had no reason to see anything good about my life, accept for my writing.

Writing saved me in so many ways. When I was six I knew that writing was what I wanted to do but I didn’t actually start writing (aside from the very short picture book that I wrote after my revelation that I was going to become a writer in which I gifted to my then best friend lol) until I was ten years old. I started writing poetry to cope with the abuse I suffered at home and all of the feelings of hopelessness that I felt but couldn’t tell anyone about. I wrote to escape and enter into a world that I wanted to be in and more often than not a world I wanted to stay in. I don’t see things as bleak as I once did and I have to say it is much better to see the brighter side of things than having that dreaded feeling that nothing will ever get better.

I’ve only recently, well within the last five years anyway, been able to shift my perspective and see that sometimes it’s not about my plans for my career and what I want my writing to do for others, but rather God’s plan.  I like to keep the phrase in mind that when we plan, God laughs because it’s as if He’s up there saying “oh you think that’s how things are going to go but you don’t know what I’ve got planned for you.” This is why we have to trust the plan, and not our plans mind you, but His plans.

I just don’t know if, back when I was in a depression so deep that most days I didn’t know how I would climb out of it, or when I knew I had this dream and this passion for writing but I wasn’t really sure how to use it to help people, I don’t know that if God had given me the clear vision I have now, that I would’ve been able to do what He wanted me to do with it. Back then I didn’t see a brighter side to anything so I wouldn’t have known what to do with the purpose God was sowing into me.

God’s timing truly is perfect because I think without all of the abuse I experienced (physical, emotional, mental, and psychological) and all of the other experiences I had that went along with all of that, I wouldn’t be who I am, I wouldn’t have built up what was needed inside for me to go to the next levels that He is preparing for me ahead of time.

If we don’t show Him that we trust His vision for our lives and that we know that His plans are to better us and further enrich us, why would He then trust us with the ability to see His vision through?  If you are in a phase of doubt when it comes to your dreams or whatever is going on in your life, sometimes you have to just let things be whatever they are going to be. Sometimes you just have to throw your hands up and literally let go and let God. 

Until next time… #BeEncouraged #BeEmpowered #BeinFaith

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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Don’t Let Someone Else’s Disbelief In You Become Your Reality

There are so many people who have big dreams and visions for their lives and they never even try to accomplish them. They essentially give up before they even begin. What’s more surprising about that is that the reason they don’t try is not because they don’t have the passion to do so, but rather because someone else told them that they wouldn’t achieve it. I don’t have to imagine how someone can let someone else’s predictions for their lives become their reality because I was almost that person.

I had a mother who constantly told me that I would never accomplish anything that I dreamed of doing and who did her best to keep me down in terms of my goals and my vision and for a really long time I allowed her to keep me from trying at my full potential. Mind you, there was never a time that I wasn’t trying (because the calling to write was just too strong) but I know that I held back on the level of try that I had because I believed what she said about me.

There was a lot of things I had to go through and realizations that I had which made me come to terms with the toxic person that my mother is and made me understand that I just would never really have her support and that was okay because I knew what I was meant to do and what my dreams and goals are and only I am responsible for the level of tenacity I have. 

Now what I really want others to realize and see for themselves is that they can’t let other people’s ideas of what your life is supposed to look like affect what you want your life to look like. Their perception of your aspirations is not your problem nor should it ever become your reality. If you are still struggling to figure out what your purpose and vision is for your life I encourage you to sit down with yourself and God, with some paper and pen and really think about what it is you want and then put a plan of action into place to go after it.

If you already know what you want but you are grappling with others opinions, stop! Their opinions don’t matter. God and you are the only two opinions that matter and in all honesty, truly it’s only God’s opinion and purpose He has for your life because sometimes what He has planned for us isn’t even what we planned for ourselves.  Make your own path and don’t let the outside noise cloud your focus.

Until next time… #BeBold #BeFearless #BeEmpowered


Jimmetta Carpenter 


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Laying the Groundwork

So I’m about to have another birthday on Thursday and I’ll be turning 41 and thinking about really crossing further into the forties has me thinking about whether or not I’m satisfied with the direction that my life is going. I mean of course I had plans when I was younger of what my forty year old self would be doing in life and where I would be in my career and on the ladder of success.

However, when I was younger I was naïve to the reality of adulthood and what having all of those things that I want would take in terms of effort and sheer willpower after getting repeatedly knocked down and having to pry myself off the ground to get back up and keep pushing forward. Honestly if you had asked me when I was younger if I thought I had the tenacity and strength to have to keep pushing through all of the obstacles that have been thrown at me I would have said no, I can’t do it, I’m just not that strong. I’m glad to say that I would have been wrong because you never truly know how strong you are until you have to be.

So what have I learned in these 41 years of living? I suppose I would say the biggest thing that I’ve learned about myself, and that I continue to learn as I move forward in my career goals, is that I have never lost my passion for what it is I know I am supposed to do with my life. Even though I’m not sure how I knew writing was my purpose back when I was just six years old (at six I wouldn’t have known anything about the use of the word purpose lol) I have never wavered from that dream.  Sure I thought I would be where I desired to be by now but again, that was the naiveté of a child dreaming that just assumed if you’re talented and wanted it bad enough it would happen easily.

I know a lot of people who think writing is nothing special and that it’s an easy thing to do. I often get those that think I don’t do anything at all because I’m “just a writer” they say and that’s “not that hard to do” which is infuriating because this is not a career for the feint of heart.  I have literally dedicated my entire life to this craft and it is who I am, not just what I do. At 41 I’m not on any New York Time’s Bestsellers list (as I hoped I would be at this point) and frankly I am just now in the process of re-releasing my first novel and a couple of poetry books this year but I have put in years of article writing and blogging here on this blog, creating a newsletter first, and then magazine, to make sure that I do my part to highlight other authors to the best of my ability, and now I even have a YouTube channel in which I talk about my writing life and that is not nothing.

A couple of years ago, in the mindset I was in then, I would have been sulking and further depressed about where I wasn’t in my life, only focused on what I haven’t been able to accomplish.  Today, because I have been working on my spiritual journey, my mindset has drastically shifted to where I don’t see it quite that way anymore. I see all that I have been able to accomplish as me laying the groundwork for all of the victorious things that I know are to come. I have been getting prepared for my dreams to come to fruition and I think I needed that preparation.

Just because things don’t happen on the timetable that we want them to, doesn’t mean they won’t happen. In fact it may be better for them not to happen when we want them because I find that oftentimes when we think we are ready for things, more than likely we aren’t ready at all. If you haven’t gotten to where you want in life just yet, don’t let that get you down. Just think of it as you laying the groundwork for all that is to come and keep pushing, keep working, and you will get there. God wouldn’t give you the vision and the dream if He hadn’t prepared a way for you to have it when He’s ready for you to.

Until next time #BePatient #BePersistent #BeReady


Jimmetta Carpenter 



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When One Chapter Closes…

For the last week or so I’ve been doing last minute prepping details for my daughter’s high school graduation. It’s been a mixture of things from frustrating (just because of the tediousness of all the details), and exciting, and of course extremely emotional. Even though my daughter technically turned 18 on the first day of May I knew my actual job wasn’t really done until she successfully walked across that stage and received her high school diploma.

And yes, of course I know that a parent’s job is never actually done, but from birth until high school graduation is one really long chapter and once it closes the next chapter is going to look a bit different. I know this next chapter is going to be me parenting an adult child. I have to balance knowing when to trust that I raised her well enough to make the right decisions for herself and her newly adult life while knowing when to covertly sneak in and steer her in the direction I know is best for her but still making her think it was all really her choice lol.

I’m laughing but not really because isn’t that what we do when you strongly advise them to do something, giving them the benefit of our experiences. After that we just cross our fingers and hope they make the right call and that if they don’t make the choice we would’ve made, pray that your child is right and you are actually wrong because then that means they will be okay.

I am praying that I did a good enough job and that I instilled in her what she needs to make the decisions that will make her journey, not easy, but worthwhile.  I don’t know how this new chapter of parenting and this brand new chapter of adulthood for my child is going to go and I wish I can say I’m one of those people who embrace the excitement of finding out along the way but you guys know that I am not that person lol. 

I just pray that this next chapter for her will be everything that she wants it to be and that I will be able to be there for her in the way that pushes her forward and motivates her because I didn’t have a mother that cheered for my dreams and that supported my creative endeavors. I didn’t have a mother that I could even go to for advice about how best to follow my dreams so I have tried to be that for my daughter.

I just hope that I did my job well so that she can walk her journey with confidence and assuredness that she can, in fact, have everything that she dreams of, as long as she’s willing to put in the work for it. Graduation day is tomorrow and thus this chapter will be closed and a new one can begin. I’m just crossing my fingers and I’m going to cheer her on the whole way through.

Until next time… #BeBrave #BeEmpowered #BeFearless


Jimmetta Carpenter 


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Are We Creating the Right Habits to Accomplish Our Goals?

I did a YouTube video last week talking about my process in between writing projects, well specifically, novels. It made me think about the different routines that we have for different phases in our lives that we get through and how varying those routines can be depending on which phase of the creative process we are in.  I have a routine for when I’m writing, albeit a routine that could use some fine tuning.  I have a routine for when I’m taking a creative break from things altogether. I have a routine for if I’m just conducting research for a particular project. Interestingly enough, as organized as it may seem to have all your bases covered no matter what stage of creativity you are in it can be counterproductive. Or maybe it’s just me that is starting to feel like having a different routine for everything is just a way to not have a concrete routine overall.

I’m currently reading (or rather listening to on audiobooks) Atomic Habits by James Clear and he talks a lot about creating systems that help you to achieve your overall goals but not relying so heavily in the goals. I haven’t gotten that far yet but so far his theory is that if you use the same system to achieve things then you can start to rely in your system that you set up and not necessarily the goals because inevitably following your system is going to get you to the goal anyway, just maybe not at the speed in which you have set up in your goals. What I understand so far is that creating habits that you can stick to and do instinctively without really thinking about them is more valuable then having these bullet points for goals that oftentimes seem unattainable and out of reach.

Now he wasn’t saying that you shouldn’t have goals at all anymore, but rather that you should have formed habits and ways of getting to those goals. For instance, I have a book that I’ve been trying to republish since last year and for one reason or another it is proving to be a longer process than I initially thought. But is that because my goals are off or because my habits in getting those goals accomplished are off? I should have a proven system that is going to allow me to produce more of what I need to do in order to get those goals tackled. I can have all the goals I want to have and they can be lofty or they can be relaxed but without the methods and a system put in place to actively get to that goal, then the habits have to be consistent.

What are your systems or habits for achieving what you want out of life? Are you practicing those habits consistently? Take some time to think about whether you are setting goals just to set goals or if you are actually taking steps and forming habits that will help you fully achieve those goals. Having goals to strive for are great. Having routines to get through your different creative phases is wonderful. But having habits formed and being consistent in keeping up those habits is what will get us to the point where we can say we accomplished those goals.

Until next time… #BeMindful #BeProductive #BeConsistent

Jimmetta Carpenter 


Continuing to Build on the Vision

“Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.”

~Habakkuk 2:3

Listening to the first message of the New Year preached by my Pastor in my virtual church setting I felt as if it was an answer to some things that I had not yet worked up the courage to ask God about. Direction that I suppose I was reluctant to ask for because I had thought I had known so clearly in which way to go next and yet during these last few weeks of rest and restoration of my creativeness I seemed to be slightly stuck. Or maybe the more apt way to put it was that I was unsure if I was correct in the way I had perceived that I was to go. I was ready to write down my plans for the year but I kept hesitating when it came to putting pen to paper and plans on physical calendars. It’s like God knew that I needed to be nudged or reassured and decided to speak to me yesterday morning.

I’m sure there will be some slight corrections as I walk my path this year but after the message and reading the scriptures in the service, plus my devotionals later on, I think that I am starting this year on the right track. My journey to where I’m going surely seems to be modeled after the story of the tortoise and the hare, with me clearly being the tortoise but I am reminded in that story that slow and steady wins the race.

I suppose it doesn’t matter how long one takes to reach and fulfill the purpose that has been to them so long as you get there following the directions you were given, no short cuts, no avoiding of the adversities that may come along the way. After all those adversities may very well be the lessons that the next person needs that comes behind you.

One thing is for sure when it comes to fulfilling a purpose and achieving your goals. You should write them down. Don’t just keep them in your head out of uncertainty or out of fear that maybe you aren’t on the right track. It’s much easier to discern how to get back on course if you can visibly see where it is that you went off course at.

Writing down your goals is imperative to getting them done so take some time today, if you haven’t already, and write down what you plan on getting accomplished this year. If you feel like sharing let me know what a few of them are. If you’d like, go check out what my goals are for this year on my YouTube channel. Happy New Year everyone and until tomorrow… #BeAmbitious #BePersistent #BeFearless


Jimmetta Carpenter


It’s Not Failing If You Learned Something

As I recently made a video discussing my fourth quarter goals and therein my third quarter failures I felt the need to reiterate the revelation that I make in my video (it will be posted tomorrow if you want to subscribe to my channel to see it when it uploads) here to those of you who might read this.  I like to think that what we would traditionally deem as our failures, we should start thinking of them as lessons.

Something is only a failure if you never learn anything from it. I did not do well with my quarter 3 goals and I held off on making my video about what I wanted my fourth quarter goals to be because I was frankly a bit embarrassed at the complete and utter lack of completion with quarter 3. But as I thought about it more and more I realized that while I didn’t get the things done that I wanted to I learned a lot in the process. I gained more information that I didn’t have before and that I needed. I also did inch forward on the goal, just not the huge strides.

Every lesson learned on the way to your destination is making you better and more prepared to face what’s coming up next and if you understand that, if you have learned the lessons and begin to put them into practice, then you haven’t failed. You only fail if you were too closed off or stubborn or set in your own ways to learn something.

So think about that the next time you’re calling yourself a failure because something you’ve been working hard on didn’t go the way you envisioned. Did you learn something? Did you get the knowledge that you needed to make another go at it and get further along the next time you make your attempt? If the answer is yes, then you haven’t failed. You’ve grown and that’s really all that we can ask for.  Until next time… #BeOpenminded #BeWilling #BeProductive


Jimmetta Carpenter


Embracing the Burdens We Carry

“Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.” ~Numbers 13:30

I read something about obstacles and burdens the other night. It was a parable of sorts in which the young man asked the elderly man what is life’s heaviest burden and the elderly man replied having nothing to carry. I can’t really explain why that struck such a chord with me but it did. I took a few minutes to sit with that statement and really decipher what that meant, in general and more specifically to me. So often we think only of the fact that we have a new problem to face with multiple obstacles to dodge around but I’ve never thought about the reality of the fact that without any problems or obstacles to go through what are we really doing with our lives. I mean if you think about it, when you don’t have any obstacles to face that means that you’re not taking any risks or at least not enough of them. It means that you aren’t being productive to the best of your ability because anything worth pursuing is going to push you outside of your comfort zone, which is essentially going to bring about hurdles to jump over and hoops to propel through.

I had to rethink how I feel about the obstacles and problems that I’ve had to go through in the past and more recently. We always seem to discover how strong we are and how hungry we are for our goals when we are tested and pushed to the brink. I was seeing them as more as something to question as opposed to seeing them as something to embrace. I kept wondering why it was that I keep working so hard to achieve my goals and yet everything still keeps getting in my way. However, after reading that phrase from the young man to the elderly one, I suppose I need to be thankful for those obstacles. Not only do they prove that I am in fact trying and taking risks (arguably not as big of a risk as I would like to be but that’s neither here nor there), but they also push me to keep moving forward and it shows me (in case I sometimes forget) just how much my dreams mean to me.

The thing about obstacles is that they are unavoidable. You can’t really plan to not have obstacles, the best you can really do is strategize the best plan you can to push through those obstacles because they’re inevitable. The problems that we face and the predicaments that we find ourselves having to endure are inevitable but as long as we rely on God and make a plan on how to navigate around the hurdles we face then we won’t ever really fail. Failure means that you never tried and those obstacles that you find yourself weathering through are proof that you did in fact take risks. Remember the saying about Go bringing us through the storms of our lives. Try to also remember that he never said that there wouldn’t be any storms. Embrace the burdens you’ve been given to carry because having nothing to carry at all could be heavier than you realize. Until next time…#BeUncomfortable #BePatient #BeinFaith


Jimmetta Carpenter