Sometimes I Question the Journey

“Faith isn’t believing without proof – it’s trusting without reservation.”

~William Sloane Coffin 

So I’ve been having one of those days where I’m wondering what all of this is for.  What is the point of pursuing all of my dreams when the journey to get to them is so daunting and frustrating and exhausting and painful?  When I still find myself having to worry where the next flow of income is going to come from and nothing is definite (which is what the beginning stages of a writing career looks like), it makes me wonder what I am really struggling for.

I am a chronic worrier and while I know that it is not good for my health to stress about things that are beyond my control I still somehow manage to do it.  I keep thinking, this year it’s going to happen for me just the way that it’s supposed to, and then it doesn’t so I get geared up for the next year to be the year that my hard work begins to pay off.  Yet still, not the rewards I had hoped to be reaping by now.

I get worried sometimes that this is all for nothing.  The struggle, the sacrifices, the tears, the anxiety, the not knowing, all of the things that come with following your dreams and just throwing caution to the wind.  I wonder if I made the right decision years ago and if maybe I was wrong about my ability to really make this work.

Yeah it’s been one of those days.  I have those days sometimes, and some are worse than others.  But then I remember that writing is something that I live for.  It is my purpose in this world and it is my vehicle to express myself and to be able to change the world.  Writing is something that I was born to do and it is the purpose that God gave me in this world.  On the days when I am in a state of constant worry and when I am wondering what the point of it all is I will have to try harder to remember that the point is to serve my purpose no matter how hard the struggle or how long the journey.


Jimmetta Carpenter


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3 thoughts on “Sometimes I Question the Journey”

  1. Wow I really needed this today.I’m having one of those days. Tired, frustrated & ready to give up. But, my faith in God want let me. It’s just not that easy. Thanks for reminding me of my worth.
    Patrinella Sartin

  2. I feel you and it doesn’t help when most people think you’re crazy for trying. It will work out, hang in there. You’re a great writer

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