When You Feel Your Passion is Slipping Away: 4 Ways to Reignite Your Passion for Your Craft

reignite your passion

Every now and then some (not all) writers start to feel like they may be losing their passion for the craft.  It most likely isn’t because they actually don’t want to write anymore.  Rather because they are stalled in the current project that they are working on.  The answer is not to start separating yourself from your craft, or to give up altogether.

Yes sometimes you may need to take a small step back but make sure that it is a very tiny step and not you completely letting something you love drift away from you.  I want to give some suggestions of some things that you could do to spark that passion inside of you again that you might feel is weaning.

1)      Go back and read a few or all of the books that made you want to be a writer in the first place

2)      Go through things that you have written in the past.  Go as far back as some of the first pieces of writing that you did.

3)      Watch movies that inspire you and your love of writing.  Whether it is movies about writers or writing in general, or whether it is a movie that provides you with inspiration for the screenplay you want to write, something that sparks your creativity for a story line of your own.

4)      Do something that fuels your creativity.  Go to a museum, go to an art show, go see a play, go to a writer’s conference, or if you are into nature, just take a walk and observe the things around you.

I know that feeling when you start to question everything you thought you knew about your talent and your writing abilities.  You start to feel like you aren’t as passionate about this as you used to be.  You begin to wonder if the fact that your current project is stalled or that you’ve just been hit with writer’s block means you’re no longer supposed to be writing.  You’re not as productive as you once were.

None of this is a reason for you to just give up on your dream.  It’s a reason for you to find that spark again and reignite that passion that you had to begin with.  If you are feeling a little unproductive and like your love for writing is in question, your passion is not gone.  It may just be a little lost, but it can be found again.  Keep going and find a way to reignite that spark.



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