Break Over!

blog vacation over

Wow! I can’t believe that it’s been over a month since I have last posted here. Well, while the break in my blog posts were initially unintended, I slowly discovered that I really needed to take a blog vacation. It was a much needed chance to get past my little bout of writer’s block, and also to clear my head and get some things in order as far as the direction I want things to go in. Not to mention it allowed me to focus a little more intently on these last couple of classes that I have to go for my Master’s program.

However wonderful the time away was, I realized that I needed to get back to what I do best, writing, consistently and with the intent to motivate others. I must say I am feeling even more motivated than before and like I have a renewed sense of drive to get my many goals accomplished.

I have my lists that I will be making over the next few days and new goals that have been set to go in line with others that are on the verge of being realized. I will be more diligent in speaking on what it is I want and declaring what is for me to have instead of constantly waiting for something to inevitably go wrong. Blog vacation is over and I am ready to spread some motivation and inspiration around. How motivated are you feeling lately?

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