Ordered Footsteps

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”
~Proverbs 16:9

If you're not willing

When I saw the picture above it made me think about just how much we ask God for something, or we ask him to give us direction and then often times we completely ignore the direction he wants us to go in simply because it didn’t fit in with what we had been planning for our own lives. What we seem to have a hard time grasping is that when we plan, God laughs. Not because we shouldn’t have goals and things that we aspire to do, but because a lot of the times our goals and dreams are on such a smaller scale than God has mapped out for us.

In many cases we know when we are not on the path that we are supposed to be on. We can feel our direction being changed and redirected. However, we are so stubborn and set in our ways that we try to forcefully stay on that same path not even realizing when our steps are being guided in a different direction by someone who already knows the goal that we are destined to achieve. If you are going to ask God for an answer as to which way you should be going, then you have to be patient in waiting for his answer.

Don’t go off and make up in your mind what you think his answer is. Wait for it. While the answer that you are looking to receive may not come right away, it most certainly will come, but in his time, not yours. Don’t be so used to things being one way. If you keep trying to reach your goals by staying in that same mindset then you won’t be able to open yourself up to the change that God is steering you towards. It’s a struggle to be patient and not always do everything your way (trust me I know) but it is so worth it when you do things his way!

Jimmetta Carpenter
The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)
Writing as “Jaycee Durant”

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