I Am Not a Yes Person

Let me be myself

I get so sick of people trying to force me to be inside this box.  I’m supposed to just go along with other people’s opinions and what they say.  I’m supposed to just agree on everything because a group of people as a whole agreed.

I AM NOT A YES PERSON! I used to be.  I used to go along for the sake of going along and I used to just go with whatever the majority said just to keep the peace, just to be the easy one.  Well I am not that person and I refuse to pretend to be.  I am typically the one the goes against the grain and I don’t usually follow suit because my opinion is just usually different from what someone else’s is.  I just see things in a different way than most people do and I used to apologize for that.

But I will not apologize anymore for being who I am and for having the nerve to not think like most other people.  I hate being persecuted when I express a difference of opinion or being told that I’m throwing “bitch fits” because I don’t agree with you.  It makes me just want to silence myself and not say anything.  That’s all I have to say today.  Some personal things happened and threw me off course for the day but thank you all for listening to my rant.  Just wish people would let me be me!


Jimmetta Carpenter

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