There’s No Box I Seem To Fit In

stop trying to fit inI used to always want to be that person who fit in with everyone else.  I wanted to hide in the corner, blend in with the crowd, and make sure that I didn’t stand out in any way possible.  It never really worked because for one reason or another I always stood out.  Whether if it was for going against what everyone else’s opinion was or whether it was for looking different and having a different style from others.  Whether it was being simple when others were outside the box, or being too far outside the box when others wanted to keep things simple.

No matter what I have always gone against the grain but it was never intentional. Truly I would never choose to make myself the target for other to consider me to be difficult because that’s the last thing I want.  But at what point do you say that you’re not going to sacrifice who you are, what you think, or how you feel, just so other people can say that you’re easy going and that you’re not being the difficult one.

I’m not going to lie and try to pretend that I’m one of those people who doesn’t care if others like them or not.  I do want to be liked, what person doesn’t.  But if people are only going to like me because I agree with what they say or because I am going along with the majority opinion just to go along with it, then are they really liking me or the person that they would like to mold me into?

Now I’m not saying that if I express an opinion that everyone else has to agree with it but I certainly don’t like to be attacked personally for having an opinion that’s different from everyone else’s.  I don’t seem to fit in any one box.  I’m not really sure that I want to fit in with just one box.  I like that I am different and think differently.  I like that I don’t just repeat what other’s want to hear for the sake of being easy going.  But it does get hard to always have this label of being the difficult one just because you don’t agree.  I just wish that people who claim to accept everyone no matter what were really true to their statement.  Have a blessed day and just be who you were meant to be!


Jimmetta Carpenter

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