Here’s to Fearlessly Braving the Struggles

Fearlessly braving the struggle 2

Well week 1 of the year 2015 was a rough one. Nothing really went as I planned for it to go and it was extremely frustrating to say the least. However, I think that my mantra for this year is going to be “fearlessly brave the struggle” because someone (can’t think of who at this moment) reminded me that there is no great reward that comes without great struggle. I suppose that anything that is worth having is never really going to come easily. If the struggles that I have endured these last several years are any indication of the rewards that I have to come in the future then my goals in my career are not only going to be met but exceeded.

If I can just maintain my focus and determination then this year alone is going to exceed how things have gone over the last couple of years. The thing about having big plans is that there is an even bigger feeling of disappointment when those things can’t be accomplished. What I have to learn how to do is to take stock in what I do get achieved and not beat myself up over the things that I fall short on. Not saying to just stop trying to complete the tasks that don’t get done, but I have to learn that everything can’t be done all at once and if it’s not then it’s fine. Everything will not immediately crumble if I don’t finish everything all at once.

Another thing I have to learn how to do throughout this year is to take some time and do things for myself. I have to take care of my needs and do what’s good for me without feeling selfish and like I am somehow doing harm to my child by not making every single thing about her. I’m working on that, first by starting back at the gym, in which I started back last week, and also by trying to by myself a little something every now and then.

I find that when I take better care of myself and doing some things that are just for me then my creativity flows a lot better. I’m more focused on my goals because I’ve satisfied something that I’ve wanted. So the lesson for you all is to make sure you don’t throw in the towel when things don’t go as planned and make sure that you do something that is just for you because it will enhance everything else that you do in your life.


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