NaNoWriMo Day 8: The Depth of a Character

You ever get to a point where you realize that you could’ve added something way back in chapter three but you’re already heading towards chapter seven and you want to go back and start adding to that section.  However, when doing National Novel Writing Month they tell you not to edit, or go back, just keeping writing and worry about editing in December.  So I am trying to stick to that and I have but it’s hard to resist the urge.  I was reading a blog post by my best friend and fellow NaNo-er about getting so wrapped up in her characters that she has a new favorite one from day to day and while I am perfectly happy with my main character Mackenzie, I wonder if I am bringing enough depth to the other characters to give the readers an option of liking someone other than Mackenzie.  I am thinking about the other major players in the story and thinking should I go back and now reveal more of their back story, because while I know their history and all their secrets and pet peeves, the readers need to engage with them also.  I tend to pour all of the depth into the main character which can be good (I’ve read plenty of books where that works) but then maybe I should leave well enough alone.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and decide in December when the editing phase begins.  Mackenzie is really relatable though, although I might be a tad bit biased.  Until next time…Are your characters everything that you want them to be? 


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