NaNoWriMo Has Begun but Tomorrow is More Important (VOTE)

It was a busy and productive weekend. I still had an outline to finish up and NaNoWriMo started officially yesterday (although my day one was on Saturday).  All of that was exciting and all and I would love to get into all of it, but honestly today, on the eve of arguably the most important election in this country’s history (no matter which side of the aisle you stand on), there seems to be a much more important message to share today. Please, if you haven’t already mailed in your ballot, or voted early, the please VOTE!

There is a lot of suppression happening and there are those who think that their vote won’t matter but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If your vote didn’t matter then they wouldn’t be trying so hard to suppress it and discount it. So that’s my message today. I don’t really care who you vote for, your personal stance on things and what drives you morally or ethically is something that is not for me to judge or to even have a place to know, however, many people died so that EVERYONE can have a right to VOTE so don’t make it all for nothing. It’s go time everyone! VOTE!!!!!!

Until next time… #BeVigilant #BeProactive #VOTE


Jimmetta Carpenter 



NaNoWriMo Day # 6: On a Day Like Today, Multitasking is Even More Important!

I know today’s a big day!  It’s voting day and your primary job is to do just that, get out and vote.  So how can you still get your words in for today?  There are a few simple and just as effective ways to multitask these two important responsibilities.

1)      Reread over yesterday’s work that you did, make a mental note of where you left off at and where you want to go next, and take a notepad with you while you go off to vote.  While you’re in line you can jot down notes and begin your writing while you are standing in those long lines.  Maybe getting caught up in your story will make you forget just how long the lines really are!

2)      If you, for some reason, forgot to take a note pad with you (although a writer really should always carry one) then take mental notes.  Don’t forget to eavesdrop in on the conversations that are going on in the lines that you are standing in.  You can almost always count on the conversations of others to spark an idea for something in your story so make sure you listen well!

3)      If you have a cell phone with all the works (which most everyone does these days) then you can always upload your story to your phone or type today’s words of your story onto your phone, and then email them to yourself when you’re finished.  That way, you could be all done with your words by the time you’ve done your voting and the rest of the day is yours to do whatever you want with it.  Trust me, I think you’ll be in line long enough to actually complete your minimum amount of words for the day, maybe even more!

4)      If you are stumped for what to write about in your novel today you could use the time that you are standing in line waiting to vote, to get further inspired.  Take a book with you, preferably one in the genre that you are writing your novel in (or whatever one you are reading at the current moment) and read while in the line.  I got at least two chapters (they are long chapters) read this morning while I was in line!

These are just a few suggestions that I thought could work for some of you out there.  If any of you have any other tips you’d like to share with my readers please feel free to leave them as a comment.  Hope all of you make sure to get out there and vote, and get some writing done too!


Jimmetta Carpenter


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