Purpose over Perfection

I have this need for things to be perfected. Logically, I know that I am not perfect, that I don’t always behave in a perfect manner, therefore, nothing that I do will ever be completely perfect. When you’re a creative and you are creating any kind of art, or a product to promote your art and/or company you want every finite detail to be just right. If it’s not just right then you tend to not want to put it out there for fear that someone else will point out those very imperfections. 

Now I know this doesn’t apply to all artists because I have read many books with quite a few errors in the books (mostly typos but some grammatical) and these are books by best selling authors, authors whom I love and am always excited to read their next books. Now these imperfections never stop me from picking up their next book because I know that human error comes in to play that’s okay. The problem comes when I’m putting together something and then I start to get inside my own head and pick apart every detail and it is what hinders me the most.

As I am about to launch my products for my Write 2 Be brand and Re-publish my first book along with three poetry books I am hesitant because I know that I can’t possibly catch every single error. As many times as I can go over something I know that I will inevitably miss something because I’m human and there’s no way that I can catch all of it (try as I might lol). I think if we could all have everything we do, everything that we put out there into the world with our names on it, be perfect we would. While imperfect people are uniquely wonderful in their own right, we want the products we buy to be as close to perfect as possible. No one wants a shirt where the wording is spelled wrong. 

So I’m nervous and I’m being extremely tedious and analyzing everything excessively (over analyzing is kind of my thing) to the point where I end up putting out nothing. I don’t want to analyze myself right out of the opportunities that are waiting for me and I don’t want you fellow over analyzers to do that either. We have to get out of our own heads, get out of our own way, and get our stuff out there. One thing is for sure, no one can buy a product that hasn’t been put out there to buy. 

So if you’re holding back on putting that book out there or whatever art you produce because you are waiting for every detail to be perfect. Stop. It won’t be perfect. You will always find something wrong because you are expecting to. Get your product out there to the best of your ability. I’m not saying don’t give it the proper analysis that it is due, I’m just saying when you are reasonably certain that everything is good to go, don’t go looking for a reason that it’s not.  Put yourself and your products out there! The world is waiting!

Until next time… #BeBold #BeAuthentic #BeMotivated


Jimmetta Carpenter