So Not the Social Networking Butterfly

Now I am not a social butterfly per say but I am definitely not socially inept when it comes to going out and meeting people.  Most of the time, I am able to strike up whole conversations with perfect strangers so I consider myself to be a lot less shy then I used to be many years ago.  However, as social as I can be I can not seem to get enthusiastic about this incredible surge of social media networking.  It seems to be so necessary now just to be considered successful but are you really not a success if you’re not any good at it?  

I was actually having a conversation with Ms. L. the other night about social networking and adapting to the need for me to being internet savvy.  We discussed all things Twitter and Facebook and what I am doing, what I’m not doing, and what I could be doing better to put myself out there even more.  All I kept saying to her was that I understand that I need to do those things but it just seems so time consuming and it is essentially a distraction from doing what it is that I really want to be doing which is writing.  

It’s quite funny because I am one who is soon planning on embarking on the start-up of my own online writing magazine.  I love to blog.  I love the thought of having articles being published online.  I am constantly doing research online.  I even check the stats of my blogs and the google search results for my name every other week.  So it isn’t that I don’t want an internet presence otherwise I would never bother with it altogether.  What I don’t like is that if someone is not on facebook and not tweeting to death and they don’t have an overwhelming internet presence then their rate of success as a writer, or any type of artists or business person is diminished just because of it.  When did people get so wrapped up in the person presented on the internet that the talent that they do or do not possess no longer matters?     

Having said that, I do realize that to be the success that I want to be as a writer I must become a better social networking butterfly.  I think that it’s just going to take me some time to get better at something that I have absolutely zero interest in and can’t seem to muster up the enthusiasm to do.  So maybe you guys can tell me what you really think about social networking?  What advice can you give me as someone who isn’t totally into it, to still be successful at it? 

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