My First Love

Okay I know what it sounds like this post is going to be about from the title, but it’s not about that kind of love.  Yes I had one of those in high school but my first real love was writing and along with that came the state of New York.  Now don’t laugh at me, but I have never actually been to New York but I am in love with it nonetheless.  

I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was six years old but I really started actually putting it into practice and really fell in love with words when I was ten.  Being the constant information seeker that I’ve always been, I had always heard that if you want to be a writer, I mean really make it as a writer, you move to New York.  Me and my friend in the fifth grade (who also wanted to be a writer) had made plans that we would graduate high school and go to college in New York together and be roommates.  

Now of course that was fifth grade so that never panned out, but I have always in one way or another been trying to get to New York.  There are other places I plan on getting to also, like France and Italy, but there’s just something about New York that is just pulling me in its direction.  It is crazy to think that I am so head over heels for a city I’ve never even been to but I literally watch anything and everything that has to do with being a writer, and New York and if the two come together than that’s even better.  

I say all of this to get around to telling you that one of my goals on my list for the coming year of 2012 is to actually visit New York.  I plan to take in the sounds, the smells, the atmosphere, the sights (I wish I had got to go there before the destruction of theTwin Towers), the food, and yes even the traffic (lol!).  I am going with my best friend, Ms. L. and we plan on having so much fun and I am really planning on this not being one of the items on my goal list that doesn’t ever happen.  So cross your fingers and hope that I make it to where my heart has truly been since I was ten.  Until tomorrow…Where would you go to if you ever got the chance? 

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2 thoughts on “My First Love”

  1. Great goal! Beware, it’s an expensive city I’ve heard, but really fabulous. Right now, I’d go back to Thailand, a little island called Koh Tao, where I learned to Scuba dive. It was amazing.

  2. I’d love to make it to France or Singapore. I have a goal for France for this coming year as well–I’m hoping to tag along on a business trip with my husband. I picked up my passport application just today.

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