While I’m Planning, God is Laughing (a lot)

Writers are supposed to be established by a certain age right?  By the age of thirty-one you would expect them to be published, either with articles in national magazines or a book on the shelves of every bookstore.  If not that then they would certainly be working in a magazine or a newspaper getting first hand experience in their craft and getting the chance to use it on a daily basis.  If you’re lucky you would have some five or six figure book deal that ends up being turned into a phenomenal movie and you’ve finally made it to the bestsellers list.  

Yes I always thought that at this age (31) that I would be already inNew York, working for some national magazine, or a publishing company as an editor with my own book deals in the work simultaneously.  But as you all know, life (and God) often times has very different plans for you that you didn’t anticipate.  You know they say when we plan, God laughs.  Well he must have been having a really good laugh with me for the last few years now.  I am certainly not where I would like to be within my career but perhaps I am where I need to be and wherever God has planned for me to be.  

I was reading a magazine interview with Walter Mosley and what I never knew about him was that he didn’t even start writing until he was 34 years old and wasn’t first published until he was about 38 years old.  Now he is 59 with 34 books published (so far).  This gave me hope.  There is still time for me to make the mark on the literary and media world like I want and perhaps God’s plan for me included a long lengthy journey of good old fashion struggle on my way to success (probably along with a lesson in patience—cause I really need to work on that).  I am hopeful that my journey will be worth it in the end and confident that I will carry out exactly the plan that God has tailor made for me, at the precise time he plans for it to be carried out.  Until tomorrow…Don’t give up hope, his plan IS your plan too! 


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”







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