Are You in a Role That Serves Your True Purpose?

I firmly believe that everyone is put on this earth for a specific purpose.  Though you may not realize your purpose in its entirety all at one time, by the time you reach a certain age you realize what you were meant to do.  Of course you have those that are indefinitely seeking out their purpose and that are not yet sure what it is they should be or do but somewhere deep down inside once they figure it out they most always realize that they knew it all along.  

I also believe that when you don’t serve the purpose you were meant to in this world you not only do yourself a disservice but also those around you.  Let’s take the Captain of the Italian Cruise Ship disaster for instance.  Now clearly he thought that he was cut out for the job, maybe out of some sense of wanting to be in a position to be a hero and to have the power of being Captain over all of the lives that he is in charge of protecting on any given trip.  However, it is clear that he was not cut out for the task of what that position of power and heroism entails.  

With any such position you have to know your role.  A Captain is supposed to be the last person off a ship if his ship should happen to go down.  A Cop has to put the lives of others around him before his own.  A Fireman has to be willing to sacrifice his life for those inside of burning buildings.  But along with knowing your role you have to be sure that you are meant to be placed in that role.  I knew a long time ago when considering roles like a Cop, a Fireman, or a Captain of a ship, not only was it not my purpose to serve those types of roles, but I am not built for those types of roles.  I would let the fear of risking my life take over in a heartbeat and I would not apologize for it.  That is why I never sought out those types of positions.  

I think that this Captain, somewhere along the way, did not follow his true purpose in life. He did something that he thought he could possibly be good at, maybe that would give him a sense of power, maybe it was just good money for him.  But ultimately he did not think about the fact that he might at some point have to act like the Captain of a ship and save lives.  

I think that when people are not serving their purpose in life that it hinders them and it affects the people they come in contact with.  I think that if you follow your heart and work hard to fulfill your purpose that you will eventually land right wherever it is that you are supposed to be.  If you are not fulfilling your purpose then you are only hindering yourself from making progress.  You have to know your role, and you have make sure that you were meant for that role, or else it is all for nothing.  Until tomorrow…Are you serving your true purpose?


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”


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