Where There’s A No There’s a Yes Right Around The Corner

Rejection is a part of the process of becoming a successful writer.  I mean unless you have a lot of connections and you know all of the people you need to know to be placed right where you want to be in your career then you are pretty much starting at the bottom of the barrel.  That means that you will more than likely be rejected more times than you would care to count.  Now if you have nerves of steel and can stare adversity in the eye with a straight face then you will have no problem forging ahead right out of the pile of rejection letters that you are likely to receive before you become that top selling author you desire to be.  

However, if you are anything like me, where being rejected makes you rethink every decision you ever made and has you constantly second guessing yourself, then this business (writing) is going to take some getting used to and quite frankly a lot more of a backbone.  I’m not talking about having the talent for writing, that’s only about 20% of being a successful writer.  It’s the other 80% that takes diligence and determination to really make it as a writer.  Now I’ve always been afraid of the rejection, and with writing it’s so much of it, but I know that I can’t give up on my dream.  

I was watching an up and coming author who was on the Anderson show yesterday (Amanda Hocking) and she spoke of how she had been rejected at least a thousand times before she went the route of self publishing in which she sold over a million copies on her own and then was eventually picked up by a major publishing house.  At first I was taken aback by the amount of rejection she endured but then I was just in awe of how she powered through it and moved her own career forward and look where she is now, on a nationally broadcasted talk show talking about her books.  

So from now on I am not going to be discouraged by my rejection letters (I have a small stack growing on my desk) and I am not going to doubt myself every time someone decides to pass on an article.  I am not going to stop at one rejection, but rather power through and press on until someone gives me the yes that I know I deserve to hear.  Of course when I get my media company up and running I may not even need someone’s yes, I’ll just create my own.  Until tomorrow…Don’t let rejection stop you when there’s a yes right around the corner!


Jimmetta Carpenter


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