Structuring Ourselves In Order to Sustain His Blessings

“Your real strength, your guts, your tenacity, your staying power, your discipline, is in the things God did for you when nobody was looking.”

~Bishop T.D. Jakes 

I realized last night that my post yesterday was a little unfinished.  I don’t think that the message that I was trying to convey was finished yet.  I was reading Ms. L’s blog post this morning and realized that there was more I needed to say.  She spoke of having doubts in her mission and her purpose with what she is trying to do with her company and her new magazine, PIEhole, and in reading her post I thought all of these doubts sounded all too familiar for me.  

I hadn’t realized that she was experiencing this much doubt.  I always see her as so well put together and it just always seems that she is fearless and ready to take on the world.  I started thinking back to the Bishop T.D. Jakes sermon that I listened to yesterday and the particular part that I wanted to convey to Ms. L. in her time of doubt, and what I have to get through to my own mind as well, is that greatness takes time.  

“The best miracles in your life take time; can not be driven by hunger, or need, or necessity.  Sometimes you have to get yourself structured and in order so that you are ready to receive the magnitude of what God has for you.  Just because you have a driving need does not mean that you can disperse with the order and the time and the structure that is necessary to hold the weight of what God is going to do.  Some people are so busy trying to get what God has that they don’t provide the structure that is necessary to sustain what they have been given.”  

This quote struck me when I heard it in his sermon.  It hit me like a ton of bricks because I thought about the fact that I have not necessarily built up a stable structure.  I have not yet gotten the order that I need to have to sustain the kind of structure that I need.  It makes sense that God would want to hold onto the overflow of blessings that he has stored up for me until he sees that I have built up a stable enough structure to hold the weight of those blessings.  

I am still working on the order and my structure and perhaps I should stop rushing God along to give me what he knows that I am not ready to sustain.  “Until you can be thankful for something that is not enough, then what you have can not be multiplied into what is more than enough.”  Perhaps my time would be better spent preparing my structure and being thankful for the things that he has already blessed me with and seen me through instead of just waiting for him to do what he has in his plans to do for me.  

So that’s what I’m going to continue to strive for and work on.  I am going to be building up my structure and getting my ‘house’ in order and enjoy and be thankful for what God has already blessed me with on an everyday basis.  He has blessed me with so many things in my life thus far, among them a purpose, knowledge of how to go after that purpose, and the ability to carry out that purpose.  I know that once he feels I am ready for the overflow, my cup will runneth over.  

*(And Ms. L., your cup is already nearing the edge.)*   


Jimmetta Carpenter


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